2-Minute Tuesday Tip – Removing Framelits from Packaging with Ease

2-Minute Tuesday Tip - Removing Framelits from Packaging with Ease - check out the video at www.SimplySimpleStamping.com and look for the May 30, 2017

Have you ever struggled to get a Framelit or Thinlit off the adhesive that comes in the packaging?  That adhesive is great for keeping the Framelits in place but you want to be really careful peeling it off.  You don’t want to risk bending a precious, delicate Framelit.

2-Minute Tuesday Tip - Removing Framelits from Packaging with Ease - check out the video at www.SimplySimpleStamping.com and look for the May 30, 2017

I picked up this tip from a fellow demonstrator and so I gave it a try.  It worked like a dream!  Do you want to learn this secret tip?  Check out today’s 2-Minute Tuesday Tip.



Don’t have a heat tool?   Just click the pic to add it to your order!


Dear Whirlpool People,

I don’t like you.  What a mess you caused my wonderful Mr. Awesome!

It seems you put the WRONG model number on the box of our new dishwasher.  After pulling out our old one, opening the box of the new one, we were stunned.  It was anything BUT the dishwasher we purchased.  100% different.  My wonderful husband had to stop what he was doing, load up the dishwasher we JUST bought, go back to Lowe’s, try to explain something that made no sense, only to find out that the only one you have left is the floor model.  UGH.

So, Whirlpool People, you are not my friend.  I am now hoping that your dishwasher is better than your ability to put model numbers on the side of a box.


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  1. HJ says:

    The dishwasher mix up would be very frustrating, but I hope the new one lives up to your expectations since you had no choice. What is with the limited inventory, which seems to be an issue with lots of companies?

    Great tip. I do struggle removing new framelits but now you gave me a new way to make sure I don’t warp them. Thanks so much. Enjoy your day!

  2. Mary C. says:

    I always enjoy your tips but today you hit the jackpot. I always struggle with this,I even broke one trying to get it off, but not anymore. Thank you so much Connie.

  3. Evelyn B says:

    Ah Connie, what a great idea! I get so tired of the struggle and some of them are just stuck so tight and here you have the solution. THANKS for sharing it.

  4. Thank you so much for this wonderful tip…I’ve always hated having to remove my framlits & dies when they came in. Now, it won’t be so unpleasant! 😉

  5. Chris R. from Iowa says:

    Sorry about the d/w woes with just the thought of needing a new one is enough and then to get the wrong one in the box – I am sure my hubby would have blown a gasket at that!

    Thanks for the Duh moment on removing the framelits! I am always scared I will bend them and it never occurred to me to try the heat tool. Thanks for the warning about the pieces getting hot. I know it happens but would be anxious to pry them off and end up burning my fingers! I can’t wait to get more magnetic cards to put my new ones on!

  6. Kay V. says:

    Love this simple tip. I have used my heat tool to lightly heat my card stock when I accidentally adhere something crooked. works great to lift the piece up and re-position it. Thanks so much for all of your Tuesday Tips. very helpful.

    • Cece says:

      I use my heat tool to remove price stickers from purchased items. Just heat & peal! Seldom is there a residue, but if there is, a quick rub with my glue eraser cleans it up completely.

  7. Linda says:

    Perfect tip! Thanks so much💕

  8. Oh Connie, how frustrating that must have been for you guys to get the wrong appliance 🙁 I hope the Whirlpool people pay closer attention to the information on the boxes they sent out of the factory!!!!!
    But now…..WOW!! what a FABULOUS TIP!!!!! I’ve always had terrible trouble getting the dies off of that super strong tape, I’ve slightly bent a couple of them just trying to remove them, most times the adhesive is still on the die and it’s a mess. I’ve tried to soak the dies with the cardboard but all I get is a bigger mess.
    This tip is awesome, thank you for sharing and thank also your friend for sharing it too.
    Maria Rodriguez.

  9. Jane Ivey says:

    What a great tip. Always afraid of bending framlits. I enjoy your site with tips. Keep it up. Thanks from a beginner.Jane

  10. Lynn Armistead says:

    Another great tip, thank you!

  11. Chrystyna B. says:

    Super idea! Thanks for sharing!!!

  12. Barbara says:

    Great tip….never would have thought of using the heat tool. Is there a sticky residue on the back of the framelit? That is what irks me when I get new thinlets/framelits…..I have to take time to clean them off with Goo Gone before I can use them or put them on magnetic sheets. TFS

    Sorry about your appliance problems….very, very frustrating. Every new appliance we have purchased with the energy/water efficient logo is a new learning experience….especially the washer.

  13. Donna Hemmerling says:

    Thanks so much for the tip on removing the framelits!! I always have a hard time with that. So sorry about your dishwasher.! Not easy to haul home and then need to return such a large appliance. Hope the new one works good.

  14. Vera Feldman says:

    What a great tip for getting the framelits off of the packaging. I certainly will be sharing this tip with my friends. You are great!

  15. gransarah says:

    Thank you for the great tip. Always frustrating to get those framelits off the backing!
    And I am mad at Whirlpool, too. After having had a large manufacturing plant here where I live for many years, they picked up and moved everything to Mexico. 🙁 Lots of good people lost their jobs and the large building is sitting vacant – a real eyesore to the community.

  16. D says:

    Oh my gosh. Sure wish I had waited a day to peel off my Eastern Medallions. I mangled my thumb between the nail and flesh trying to get one of them off. Thanks for the great tip. I’ll be doing it this way from now on.

  17. Susan Peabody says:

    Fabulous idea! I will try it.
    Thanks a mill!!!

  18. Reisa says:

    Best tip ever thanks

  19. Trish says:

    From what I have been reading, your tip for getting framelits off using the heat gun is timely. I have heard that some people have struggled getting the framelits in the Eastern Palace bundle off without bending. Thank you so much:)

  20. Charlsie says:

    another good tip thank you. Oh how frustrating about your dish washer. Just seems that is how companies are now. No quality control

  21. Hazel F. says:

    Thank you for this tip. I always have a problem removing my Framelits, now I can remove them with ease. ☺️🤓

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