2-Minute Tuesday Tip Video – Fast Fuse Adhesive Tips & Tricks

Blast from the Past 2-Minute Tuesday Tip

Have you used Fast Fuse adhesive?  You’ve seen me use it on many videos.  Some of you love it, some of you hate it.  I hope to turn haters into lovers.  It really is great adhesive.

Now, before you watch, if you only have 2-minutes to watch, well, you’re going to need a few more.  Sorry, I just had TOO much good stuff to teach you about using Fast Fuse!

Let me share today’s 2-Minute Tip Video with you…

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Well, that’s it for me today. I have to get busy today.  I have a new video for you in the Make It in Minutes Stylized Birthday series to get ready for you. Have a great Tuesday my sweet stampin’ peeps!  See you tomorrow!


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8 Responses to “2-Minute Tuesday Tip Video – Fast Fuse Adhesive Tips & Tricks”

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  1. Rosina Headley says:

    What’s the difference between “snail” and “fast fuse?”
    How do these compare with Elmer’s “tape runner” or other such products?

    • Connie says:

      Excellent question! Fast Fuse is a much stronger adhesive than Snail. If you needed to reposition something and it has Snail on the back, you can gently remove it. This won’t really be possible with Fast Fuse. I can’t speak about Elmer’s tape runner because I have never used it. I can tell you that my customers tell me that Snail is better than any adhesive sold in craft stores.

  2. Kay V. says:

    Thanks Connie.I love all your tips. I have fast fuse but see that I am just using too much of a heavy hand. And I love the tip about using the heat tool too.

  3. Reisa says:

    I love the idea on the hat I had the same thing happen on a project and never thought about using my heat tool. Thanks that idea is awesome

  4. Hazel F. says:

    Hi Connie..I live in Hawaii and notice that the snail does not hold the card like before. In this case, would I be better off using the fast fuse. Last time I went to a Stampin it Up event I heard different things about the fast fuse..some liked it some hated it. So no one gave me a good impression. ☹️

    • Connie says:

      I think you would be very happy with Fast Fuse but you have to remember to use a light touch and small “check” at the end to break the tape. I think a lot of us still use that heavy hand like we do with Snail and it just doesn’t work with Fast Fuse. It’s true…. some love it and some hate it. I had to use it to learn to love it.

  5. beth563 says:

    Five MInute Friday on Tuesday. ; ) Thanks for the tips, Connie!

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