Be Mine Hershey Kisses Window Box – Video Tutorial

Be Mine Hershey Kisses Window Box by Connie Stewart - Video Tutorial at Are you looking for a quick and easy Valentine gift?  Today’s video will show you how to make this SWEET Hershey Kiss Window Box.
Be Mine Hershey Kisses Window Box by Connie Stewart - Video Tutorial at One thing I love about this project is that you can create 4 of them with just 1 sheet of cardstock so it’s VERY affordable to make.  
Be Mine Hershey Kisses Window Box by Connie Stewart - Video Tutorial at Let’s get going with the video today!

If you are unable to view the video, CLICK HERE to view it online.

Here are the measurements in case you missed them:

  • Pink Pirouette Cardstock – 4 1/4″ x 5″ – Score with the 5″ side at the top at 1 1/4″ x 2 1/2″, 3 3/4″
  • Real Red Cardstock – 1 1/2″ x 4 1/2″
  • Window Sheet – 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ – scored at 1 1/4″
  • Real Red Ribbon – 12″
  • (5) Hershey Kisses (I prefer 6 so I can eat one while I work)

Here is a complete list of the supplies I used to create today’s treat holder.  Use what you have, ORDER what you need.  To order, just click on a photo!   Valentine’s Day is FAST approaching so don’t delay!  

Glue Dots


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  1. Oh Connie, this are adorable!! I think I will make some for my grandkids so they can give them to their friends and even their teachers, so simple yet beautiful and easy to do.
    Today we are all snowed in here in Crown Point, IN. it’s been snowing since Saturday and, as of now, snow is still falling, no school for any of my 5 grandkids, lucky their moms and dads are home too. As for me, I think I will go and whip some of this cute little boxes, nothing like a fabulous project like this one to make on a day like this one. We might have to go and shovel our drive way later, when hopefully, stops snowing.
    Thank you for all your videos, they are simply fabulous.

    • Connie says:

      Maria, I kindly ask that you not send all that snow to Oklahoma. We just don’t like it here because it usually turns to ice about the time it arrives. Please send it anywhere but here. 🙂

      • Oh Connie, you are in luck, all of this snow went North East of us, my dear friends in VT were hit yesterday. We cleaned up 6″ more off our drive way again, then it stopped but now, the weather folks are saying there is another system heading our way, not as bad but still, we will get another 2″ or 3″ more. Sheeesh!!
        Can’t wait for Spring!!!

        • Rita says:

          Aha – so it was you who sent the snow north eh? We got 16 inches and it is snowing again and we should have another 6″ by morning! Please send it south – it will melt quicker! 🙂

  2. Donna Kish says:

    This is a great little box! I think I may use this for my workshop this weekend! They will love it and being the week before Valentine’s it will be something fun and easy they can do ahead and still order the stamps and have them in time for Valentines!

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Dolores Shuster says:

    Connie I just love your videos and I instantly tried this valentine kisses window box and it was the easiest thing to make. I will be making a lot of them. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Cyndee says:

    this Valentine treat box is so interesting and looks easy to make. What weight
    of paper cardstock is usually best for boxes?

    • Connie says:

      I only use Stampin’ Up cardstock. It’s the best quality out there. You can see in the videos how nicely it scores without cutting through and it’s sturdy enough to hold the candy. You can make it with designer paper but it’s just not as strong.

  5. jane harrah says:

    Loved it Connie. Love your pep and cheer!

  6. Kathi Perry says:

    Adorable & simple!!! I’m making one right now!
    I also made several of your Hershey Nugget Valentine cards – love them!
    Thanks so much for the wonderful ideas and inspiration! You are wonderful!

  7. marjorie Gilliam says:

    Love, love, love your video tutorials!!

  8. Lois says:

    Connie, what a sweet little kiss holder. I just have to make some of these. Perfect for my hairdresser, mail-lady and nail tech. ( can’t give one to my daughter as my son-in-law works for MARS) Maybe I can substitute the candy somehow. Got any ideas? I just love all of your gift giving ideas and of course your wonderful cards. THANKS!

  9. Rita says:

    OK Connie – now that I have made a gazillion of these up what do you plan on making that will use all the window pane cutout bits? They are too pretty to toss out – soooooooooo???? Such a nifty idea and they’ll be pretty to make up for Easter, 4th July and on and on and on thru Christmas! Winner for sure.

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