Best. Vacation. EVER!

Hello to all my favorite friends!!!  How are you?  I am BACK from the most amazing vacation ever!  My family and I had a wonderful time on the largest cruise ship on the water — Allure of the Seas!  Each year Stampin’ Up offers their demonstrators a fabulous incentive trip and they pulled out all the stops this year!

Allure of the Seas - Allure of the Seas -


We all had a fabulous time!  We ate WAY too much, got WAY too much sun (can you say sunburn?), and had WAY too much fun!

The Stewart Family on Allure of the Seas -


We stopped in 3 ports in the Western Caribbean.  First stop was Haiti.  It was a private island and was stunning!  We zip lined 2,600 feet from the top of a mountain over the ocean.  The view was amazing and it was a real rush to be flying over the water like that.  I wish  I could show you pictures but we had a bit of an iPhone accident on our second stop in Jamaica.  While in Jamaica, we climbed the Dunn’s River Falls – some pretty darn powerful waterfalls and we climbed from the top to the bottom.  Water and iPhones don’t like each other.  Helpful tip from Mr. Wonderful…. a sandwich baggie is NOT enough to keep an iPhone dry.  He’s pretty bummed about it.  The phone is sitting in a bag of rice but we don’t have much hope for it.  The sad part is all the pictures from the first few days of the trip are lost. <sob>

Rock Climbing on Allure of the Seas - Rock Climbing on Allure of the Seas -

While we were at sea, the Allure of the Seas had so much to do on board!  Ginny and Mr. Wonderful did the rock climbing wall.  I took a nap.  I didn’t think you would want a picture of that.

Body Surfing on Allure of the Seas - Body Surfing on Allure of the Seas -

They also had a surf simulator and I just had to try body surfing.  I was worried I would wipe out the second I landed on that board but I stayed on the whole time!  This thing was a blast!  Check that off my bucket list!

Our final stop was Cozumel.  This was by far our FAVORITE excursion!  Swimming with the Dolphins!  This was amazing!  We had so much interaction with the Luke, our fabulous new dolphin friend.  He would let us rub his belly, dance with him, kiss him.  Incredible!  Christina is being pushed by her feet and you can tell by the water that Luke is one strong dolphin.  We also got to grab his fins and he showed off his amazing strength by pulling us all over the ocean.  It truly was an experience we will never forget.  I want to bring Luke home to live with me.

Swimming with Dolphins in Cozumel - Swimming with Dolphins in Cozumel -

Swimming with Dolphins in Cozumel -  Swimming with Dolphins in Cozumel -

We had many other great adventures and I will share some of those later on.  Royal Caribbean gave me a parting gift… a horrible sinus infection.  Well, if I had to get sick I am glad it was on the day that we were heading home.  And to those poor people who had to sit next to me on the plane while I blew my nose all the way home, my sincere apologies.

I hope that you guys had a great week!  I am looking forward to getting back to stamping and sharing with you all!

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  1. Mary says:

    Connie, if you have a MAC or iPAD and they are all linked together, your pictures will be accessible on those devices. Looks like you had a wonderful time, FUN!!

  2. Nancy Farrell says:

    Oh how nice!!! Great trip and pictures. Hope your iPhone can be salvaged, photos at least. 🙂

  3. Donna says:

    Wow, what an incredible vacation is right. In reading of your experiences, it truly made me feel as if I were there. I absolutely LOVE to cruise, so I can imagine all the fun you had. I’m jealous, but happy for all of you. So glad you all had a wonderful time.

  4. Maria Rodriguez. says:

    Welcome back Connie, my goodness, you really had a blast and well deserved, I might add. Love the picture of the dolphins, I’ve never seen one so close, let alone swim with them, how fabulous that must have been.
    This ship is really GINORMOUS!!!!! like an entire island floating around in the water, truly amazing.
    Thanks for sharing this pictures of you and your family having so much fun, I’m happy you are back, I’m sure I’m not the only one missing your fabulous cards and how to videos.

  5. Sandy Rodney says:

    Connie, Sounds like a great experience, and a memorable one before your daughter moves on into the world. Where are the pics of you in your swim suit???? Mr W is a doll face; in fact the whole famn damily rocks! Hope you feel better. I’ve had the same germs,minus the Caribbean background. XX Sandy

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