Stampin’ Gals Gone Wild Weekend Challenge

What took me so long to post today?  I couldn’t find my coffee!  It was lost in the house and I knew I couldn’t stamp without it! What was lost is found and life is good again.  Yay!  So, let’s get going with today’s Stampin’ Gals Gone Wild Weekend Challenge! […] Read more »

What Would Connie Do? – An Update on Yesterday’s 2-Minute Tuesday Tip

Yesterday I shared a 2-Minute Tuesday Tip on getting good images from your solid image stamps.  WOW!  The emails and comments came pouring in!  I thought I would do a little follow up.  (You can only say so much in 2-minutes.) The biggest question was, “Is this safe for your […] Read more »

2-Minute Tuesday Tip Video – Storing and Organizing Paper Pumpkin Stamps

Today’s 2-Minute Tuesday Tip goes with yesterday’s share about my weekend Paper Pumpkin stamp session.As I mentioned yesterday, I LOVE my Paper Pumpkin subscription!  I just go giddy when I open my mailbox to that gorgeous red box! The problem I was running into was how to store all my […] Read more »

May 2015 My Paper Pumpkin

I had the chance to do some FUN stamping for myself today.  My Paper Pumpkin came in the mail last week and with all the work I was doing in my stamp room preparing for the new catalog, I haven’t had a chance to play with it.  Today was my day! What […] Read more »

April 2015 Paper Pumpkin Bonus Project

How’s everyone doing this fine Monday morning?!  Did you have a great weekend?  Did you get a chance to create a card with the Weekend Challenge? Mr. Awesome and I spent the weekend doing yard work….a lot of yard work.  I know some of you LOVE working in your yard, […] Read more »