Extreme Craft Room Makeover – Week #2

Well, you’ve heard it said, if you’re building a house, whatever you think it will cost, add 20%.  I have a new phrase…when you’re remodeling, however long you think it will take, double it!!

We’ve made good progress but it seems however long we THINK a job will take, takes twice as long.  I thought I would share with you what we’ve accomplished over the last week.

www.SimplySimpleStamping.com - Craft Room Makeover www.SimplySimpleStamping.com - Craft Room Makeover www.SimplySimpleStamping.com - Craft Room MakeoverGood-bye pink walls!  I’ve had a pink and black stamp room for about 10 years.  This is such an exciting change!  Tiffany Blue!  Christina, being in high school theater, knows ALL about painting sets so I had her come in and help me.  Heights scare me so for me to be on this ladder was a little scary.

Rich has a GREAT tip to share with anyone who is painting a ceiling a different color than the walls.  This is especially helpful if you have textured walls because the wall color STILL seems to seep under the tape ruining your ceiling color and your straight line.  HERE’S THE TRICK TO GETTING A PERFECTLY STRAIGHT LINE

  • Start by painting the ceiling and allow it to dry completely.
  • Use Frog Tape to tape off the ceiling making sure your lining it up straight.
  • Paint over the tape, onto the walls, with the CEILING color.  This will “seal” the tape keeping only ceiling color to seep through, which is perfectly fine.  Allow it to dry.
  • NOW you can apply the wall color.  Allow to dry completely.
  • Use a box knife to gently “cut” the seal between the Frog Tape and the wall.  As you pull it away, you will see a PERFECT line from ceiling to wall.  BEAUTIFUL!

Does this method take a long time?  Yes.  Is it worth it for a beautiful paint job?  YES!  Check out that fabulous line between the wall and the ceiling!

www.SimplySimpleStamping.com - Craft Room Makeover

www.SimplySimpleStamping.com - Craft Room Makeover www.SimplySimpleStamping.com - Craft Room Makeover

Now that the walls are done, it’s time to lay a new laminate wood floor.  I was fine with my carpet but Rich REALLY wanted to do a wood floor.  He was right.  It’s gorgeous!  It took us about 2 days to lay it.  We heard about a guy who installed wood floors in a 1300 square foot area in 2 days so we felt kinda lame about how long it took us.   Hey, what can I say, we aren’t professional installers and it takes us a long time….but the result for our efforts was so worth it.  (Yes, that is Roxie the Naughty Puppy who HAD to be with us, supervising the entire installation).

You may have noticed that we missed a spot with the paint.  lol  Actually, we were afraid we would run out of paint so we thought it best to skip the areas that were going to be covered by the cabinets anyway…..and we ran out of paint anyway.  Back to Lowe’s!  I have lost count how many trips to Lowe’s we have made this week!  Rich said he never thought he would say this but he is TIRED OF GOING TO LOWE’S!

While Rich worked on the floors, I started building the Ikea cabinets.  First box I opened, the piece was badly damaged.  OH GREAT!  It’s a 6 hour round trip to Ikea!  I made a phone call to see if they would help me and got the rudest women on the planet who told me “I can’t help you.”  Wow.  What amazing customer service.  I was livid!  Rich decided to give them a call and a very nice man politely told him, “Sure!  We’ll get a new piece sent right out to you!”  Hmmm, note to self…. have Rich call when there’s a problem.

Sadly, we opened the next box to find another cracked board.  This is NOT good.  Guess we will be going back to Ikea after all.  The good news is I haven’t found any more broken or cracked pieces and we are back in business.  The Ikea road trip will have to wait until the end of the week.

www.SimplySimpleStamping.com - Craft Room Makeover www.SimplySimpleStamping.com - Craft Room Makeover www.SimplySimpleStamping.com - Craft Room Makeover

My favorite day!  The first cabinet is going in!!!  I feel like I’m present at the creation!

I feel like we’re in the final stretch (but of course, that’s not true).  You can tell by the look on my face I am SO nervous!  What if the cabinet doesn’t fit?  What if I didn’t build it right and it falls apart as we put it on the wall?  STRESSFUL!  The good news is, it’s up and it worked great!

www.SimplySimpleStamping.com - Craft Room Makeover

Ahhh, one wall is up and done.  I am just GIDDY!!!  I asked Rich if I could start bringing in my storage boxes.  I got “the look” – you know the look that says, “Are you serious?”  I’ll take that look as a no.

www.SimplySimpleStamping.com - Craft Room Makeover www.SimplySimpleStamping.com - Craft Room Makeover

While Rich was tweaking and perfecting my cabinets, I got busy putting together the millions of storage boxes I picked up at Ikea.  They come flat and you have to put them together but it was kind of fun to organize and decide where I wanted everything to go.  I made lousy labels for them.  I figure I will make pretty ones after I get these all put away and I know what’s going where.  Lord, I hope it will all fit into those shelves!

And that concludes Week #2.  Whew!  Oh and good timing!  I just heard Rich pull in from…you guessed it…Lowe’s!

It’s back to work!  Before I go, let me share with you the WEEKLY DEALS from Stampin’ Up!  To order, CLICK HERE and it will shipped out!  You’ll be crafting in the new year!

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Thanks for sticking with me as I take these 2 weeks (or 3 weeks…maybe more lol) as I do this remodel.  I am just DYING to get in there and STAMP and share videos with you again!  I can’t wait!!!!  I did plan ahead a little and I have a video for you on Friday.  Why Friday?  Because that is when you can start ordering from the new “Celebrate the Everyday” catalog!  If you have ordered from me this past year, I mailed a copy to you.  If you haven’t received it by next week, let me know and I will mail you a new one.  The post office tends to destroy them sometimes and they just trash it.  I will also post a digital copy here on Simply Simple Stamping as well.  🙂

I hope you all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Be good tonight!  Don’t drink and drive and don’t let your friend either!  Be safe!  Love ya!

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  1. Maria A. Rodriguez. says:

    Dear Connie: First of all, I want to wish for you and your family, a WONDERFUL, JOYFUL AND HEALTHY 2014!!!!!
    I’m looking forward to another year of inspiration and fun with you and your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent and creativity with all of us.
    Ok now, about that craft room of yours…..it’s looking fabulous,I think I will also give mine a fresh coat of paint, it’s amazing what this does for a room. I can’t wait till I see the finish project, so far, it looks amazing. Keep sharing this photos, I’m getting really inspired.
    And, to be perfectly honest, I think I would have given you the same look after seeing that pile of storage boxes…..Are you serious????? LOL!!
    Have a great New Year’s Eve with your family.
    XO from
    Maria A. Rodriguez, from Crown Point, IN.

  2. cindy says:

    This room creation is so exciting! I’m loving the pictures and captions! Can’t wait to see it finished. So happy for you and what a terrific husband you have! Happy new year to you and your family!

  3. Vicki Keyzer says:

    Loving how the progress is coming along. It is so disappointing to receive broken or damaged pieces to products. Especially with the LONG drive to and from. I would contact them again….Rich…. and ask to have them send the new pieces or ask about remimbursement for gas and time. It is always worth a try.

  4. pfontenelle says:

    Congrats, Connie! Its coming around, I admire your decision to remodel it yourself! Keep us updated. And have a great and crafty 2014.

  5. Beverly Lausen says:

    Love all the hard work you and Rich are doing on you room….Hey! When you’re done and still have all this ambition (AND MONEY) come east and do mine…LOL!!!..Am I asking too much? I know…another funny! Have a Blessed New Year…

  6. We use the rule of three 3x the money,time and stress.it’s a flash card paint job.my favorite have several like it

  7. Christine Miner says:

    Happy New Year! Am looking forward to Friday’s news! No painting for me but good tips. Now hurry hurry hurry lets get back to flash cards…

  8. Patricia Morgan says:

    Connie, thanks for sharing “makeover”with us. It’s fun to see your progress. Your patience will be rewarded in the end. “One day at a time.”. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  9. Nicole Coasne says:

    Connie , thanks for all; and overall HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR 2014 for you and your family from France

  10. Melinda Thomas says:

    I’m so excited for you!! I had mine partially done last year and used all IKEA products along with the same storage boxes (they took forever to put together). But I do love my craft room – would really love the wood/laminate floors! Can’t wait to see your finished product!!! God Bless!

  11. Mary says:

    Lookin good!

  12. Molly says:

    Loved this installment! Very exciting with a lot of nail biting and a teensy bit of woe (those darn damaged pieces) and knowing there is more excitement coming…I’m hooked! The whole process is just fascinating…I understand how you can have a consultant help you plan out the fixtures etc but how did you decide how many boxes and of what sizes you needed for your items? And also, will your stamp room be only for that craft or will it need to house other craft activities too? My stamping is done in my sewing room which also houses some furniture rehab stuff…creativity is messy! Your Tiffany Blue jewel box is going to turn out splendidly I just know it. And thanks to Rich for the painting tip…the ceiling line is the part I hate most.

    • Connie says:

      Molly, I literally made a list of every drawer of stuff I already had and figured up how many and what size to store all my things….then I bought 4 more of each as a back-up. You can’t have too much storage, right? I plan to put all my boxes in the room before we go back to Ikea so I can see how many more I need.

  13. Laura Holden says:

    I painted my studio the same color last year and love it! Same IKEA issue with my table that wraps around my room. Very frustrating!!! Enjoy your room, a pleasant space makes for great creativity!

    • Connie says:

      Yay! It’s good to hear someone else painted in this color. I LOVE the color but was worried if the color would “reflect” around my working space at all. Do you have any issues?

  14. Linda says:

    Looking good, love the colors.

  15. Kay Jacob says:

    Connie this looks wonderful and I like the colour you have chosen. It is a dread to have to go to Ikea as they are so understaffed here as well. But good when you finally get inside. The storage is at least the same size not all different boxes. Good luck. Rich seems to have the plans all in hand and you as his offsider are doing a good job under the watchful eye of the foreman. Good luck in 2014

  16. Vickie Sweitzer says:

    There is definitely a difference between working on a project like this with an engineer and with anyone else! I know from experience. The end result will be perfect! But the time and frustration level will definitely double. It looks fantastic! I’m jealous of your organization but you definitely deserve to have a fantastic work space!

    I love being able to follow your progress. Thanks for sharing!

    Vickie (from sunny California)

    • Connie says:

      That is SO true Vickie! Another great thing about being married to an engineer is that any obstacle that comes along, he can figure out a way to fix it. I love this man!!

  17. surrereys says:

    happy and excited for you, you are also a lucky one with the handyman you have in home.

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