IRS Week (I’d Rather Stamp) – Chocolate Bunny Cupcake Topper

It's IRS Week at
Hello my stamping peeps!  It’s Thursday!  

I wish I could say I’m making great progress on the taxes, but it was a bumpy day yesterday.  Had to switch my plans to pick up Ginny from school as there was a threat of hail and damaging winds.  They said the treat of tornadoes was very low so I wasn’t all that worried.  That was about to change.  Some of you may not know but I live in the Moore, Oklahoma area.  You may remember the tornado that wiped out a chunk of my town a couple years ago, hitting 2 schools killing 11 children.  We take severe weather very serious around here.

By early evening, we were preparing for the rain and hail to hit when out of nowhere, the tornado sirens went off.  I knew the threat was minimal and the news never said that we were in a tornado warning.  I went outside to look around and I ‘heard’ that sound.  Far away in the distance I heard that rumble — that freight train sound.  I ran back inside and stayed glued to the TV trying to see which direction it was coming.  We had about 6 tornadoes touch down, one within a ¼ mile of my sister’s house causing damage to everything in her backyard but luckily the house was fine.  Other business nearby weren’t so lucky.  It really is unbelievable that it’s the first week of spring and we’re already dealing with this kind of crazy weather.  Another school was severely damaged but praise God school was not in session at the time so no one was injured.  

We are all fine at our house, just a little shook up as we prepare ourselves for the reality of the damage the tornadoes left behind.  School has been canceled today due to all the damage around town and lots of power outages.  

I am SO ready to get back to stamping!  It’s such great therapy.  I may have picked the wrong week to do taxes but I am going to do my best to get going on them tomorrow.

Well, sometimes the best way to deal with stuff like this is a good distraction so I have one last final IRS (I’d Rather Stamp) video for you.  I made this one several years ago and they are still my most favorite project ever!  Check out this fabulous Chocolate Bunny cupcake topper.  Is this just SUPER CUTE or what?
Little Debbie Chocolate Bunny - - Created by Connie StewartLittle Debbie Chocolate Bunny - - Created by Connie StewartLittle Debbie Chocolate Bunny - - Created by Connie Stewart
Here are some other versions I made.  The chick is made with orange cupcakes.  Not sure if these are still around or not.  I hope so because the chick is just adorbs!
Pink Coconut Bunny - - Created by Connie StewartOrange Cupcake Chickie Chick Chick - - Created by Connie Stewart

Let me share today’s video…

If you are unable to view the video, CLICK HERE to view it online.

I found the Teeny Tiny Wishes to be the perfect sentiment for this project but if you don’t have that one, check out the “Happy Easter” in the Crazy About You stamp set or “Hippity-Hoppity” in the And Many More stamp set.  

Here are the other supplies I used in my project today.  Be sure to use the March Hostess Code TWBJEJDR on your order of $20 or more to receive the ‘Let’s Get Creative’ video & tutorial for this month!

And that wraps up IRS Week!  I hope you guys enjoyed the Easter videos this week and THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for giving me this week to work on taxes.  You guys are the BEST!!!  As I said, I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked but I will try to do what I can in the evenings so that I can keep bringing stamping videos and inspiration to you every day.

Tomorrow I will be back with my Stampin’ Gals Gone Wild Weekend Challenge!  Before I started on the taxes, I created some inspiration for this weekend’s challenge.  

See you then!  Have an awesome Thursday!


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  1. mgaves51 says:

    Connie, so happy & relieved to know that you & your family were not harmed by the tornados. Stay safe 😀

  2. Connie Turner says:

    Thanking God that you and yours are ok……

  3. C says:

    So glad you are all okay!
    In our prayers !

  4. Evelyn says:

    Glad all is okay at your house. I live in Kansas and we waited until the last minute to go to church to see if it was going to go around us. Some hail but not much and it did rain on us a lot in a couple of spots of the 30 miles we travel. Glad to see it go around us some but we needed the moisture. Yes, I get nervous about the weather and it seems to be worse each year or guess I’m just getting older.

  5. JRGH says:

    I am so glad you are okay at your house. I read your blog everyday and love everything you do and your videos are great. I met you at my first convention in 2012 and have been following you ever since. I know you like to take trips and now have a camper, we also have a home away from home in a 32.5 foot 5th wheel. One of the places we like to go is Ponoca, AR close to Harrison, AR which is about 4.5 hours from my home in Northeast Arkansas. We stay in a cabin or hotel there to curvy of roads for our long camper, we could see our end meeting our front in some of the curves. But anyway the reason I was telling you this is because this is a great place to see Elk and mountains and we love to go in late September or early October to hear the Elk bugling and the bull fights for mating season during this time. All of this is just taking place on the side of road, I have some great pictures taken outside of our truck window. Something you and Mr. Wonderful might want to look into to see some day. Praying for all of Moore, OK that you have no more tornadoes this year. We also have tornadoes in our area but we only had your left over rain last night. Made your cute chicks and rabbits last year for my grandkids and they loved them, sold a few at work to my co-workers also and gave you credit the idea. Take care.

  6. Charlsie says:

    So glad you are safe. Sounds so SCARRY Love your videos.
    Thank you

  7. Judy says:

    your animals absolutely darling I look forward every day to see what
    you are going to have I love your blog. Thanks for all you do and please
    stay safe.

  8. Carol V says:

    Connie, like you I do anything but work on that dreaded tax stuff!!!! always til the last minute, Every year I promise to keep ahead of it all, but never do! When my husband mentioned Moore OK that more tornados hit there, I immediately said some prayers and remembered that is where you live. Glad to hear the news is not as bad as it could have been. Have an appt for my taxes in a few days…Hope you get yours done soon! and thanks for all your sharing and your blog, I really enjoy it (and I know I am not alone).

  9. Carole says:

    So sorry to hear about the tornadoes and the damage people suffered – and glad you were spared! Prayers for you all.
    Oh – and the toppers are super cute!

  10. Adorable…thank you! So happy you and your family are safe!

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