It’s Stampin’ Gals Gone WILD Wednesday!

Stampin' Gals Gone Wild -

I love Wednesdays!!!  It’s so much fun sharing my website with Josee and today I am really excited to share with everyone!

I love the look of the images of Stampin’ Up Stampin’ Around Wheels but in all honesty, I really prefer to use my stamps flat.  What’s a girl to do?  Convert them to border stamps using Clear Mount Cling Foam!   It’s very easy and quick to do and I am enjoying my wheels SO much more than I ever have before!

Video - Convert Wheels into Border StampsI don’t know how you feel about wheels, but I found I wasn’t using them as much I used to because they were too much work – get out the handle, ink the ink cartridge, ink it up on scratch paper, wheel (hopefully straight) and on and on.  I really just use my wheels on cards and not very often on things where I need the “wheeling” abilities.

In this video, I will share with you how to properly remove the wheel from the wheel base and how to mount it onto the foam.  When you’re done, just store the borders in a clear mount stamp case. Need to stack them?  Cut Window Sheet to 5″ x 7″ and you can place them back to back with the window sheet in-between.  You can fit quite a few of them in just one case.  Have LOTS?  Try the Wood Mount stamp cases!

Here is today’s Stampin’ Gals Gone Wild video…

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Want to purchase the supplies I used on today’s project?

If you are from the United States, ORDER HERE from CONNIE

If you are here from Canada, ORDER HERE from my friend JOSEE


  • Clear Mount Cling Foam (2 sheets)   124236
  • Clear Mount Stamp Cases   119105
  • Wood Mount Stamp Cases   127551

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Hope everyone has a fabulous day!!!  Be WILD today!!!

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  1. Pootles says:

    I’m exactly the same and chop mine up too. I use them far more frequently and less wobbly now too!

    Sam x

  2. GREAT TIP Connie. Your video totally made me laugh at one point……When you mentioned to be careful with your knife and not to cut through the rubber – All I could see is the rubber coming out perfect but a couple cut fingers in the process……MADE ME LAUGH out loud! Oh what we do with our rubber stamp supplies to make life easier. Thanks for sharing girlfriend!

  3. Connie says:

    Kadie, you have no idea how worried I was that I would slip that knife and slice my finger. If anyone would, it would be ME. I once drew blood on the video. I was using the Paper Snips and snipped my finger. DANG those Paper Snips are SHARP! I had to start the video all over because I got blood on my project. lol

    So yes, please be careful! Wouldn’t want anyone to lose a finger just to convert a wheel!

  4. hooooooo mais c’est géniale mais moi je ne m”en sert pas très bonne idée pour pouvoir me servir un peu plus merci beaucoup pour ce partage bise raymonde

  5. Phoebe says:

    Ooh, i need that cling foam! I still have a whole bunch of unmounted rubber stamps that i couldn’t use because the adhesive backing is permanent.

  6. Rhonda Ousley says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have all these cute roller wheels and never used them for the same reasons you didn’t. I stayed up last night and cute them all off and, thankfully I had the cling, and now they are all in a cute little tray, ready to use as boarders. Your the best !!!

  7. Charli Robinson says:

    I’ve had several for years and have never used them. I like this idea! Maybe now I will get use of them! Thankx

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