Make Ahead Boxes and New Friends!

One of the best things about being a Stampin’ Up demonstrator is making new friends.

Recently, I made a friend, Sam Donald, and I am pretty certain that we are actually sisters who were separated at birth.  As we have emailed each other back and forth, we both seem to share the same brain.

Sam is a Stampin’ Up demonstrator from the UK and I LOVE her projects!  You can visit her website at  Tell her I sent you.  🙂

Fold Flat Box with Hershey Nuggets -    Fold Flat Box with Hershey Nuggets -

Last week, Sam shared a fabulous box that folds flat for storage.  What a BRILLIANT idea!  Now I can make up boxes in advance and store them flat!  They are so stinking cute and fun to make!

Today, I created a simple version of that box and made a little insert to slide some Hershey Nugget chocolates inside.  Who wouldn’t love that, right?

Fold Flat Box with Hershey Nuggets -   Fold Flat Box with Hershey Nuggets -

 A holiday version of this box will be available soon for Stampin’ Gals Gone Wild Online Club members.  Have you joined yet??  Check back for a special “TRY-IT” offer next month!

Hope this project makes you smile!  I wish I could send each and every one of you this sweet surprise but I hope this virtual box will suffice.  Now go eat a piece of chocolate and think of me.  🙂

Have a terrific week everyone!

Oh, and I have Flash Card videos coming later this week!!  Yay!!!

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  1. Sherry Davis says:

    Love this! Such a great idea for some gifties!

  2. Frenchie says:

    Wow love that box ms Connie , can’t wait for your Video , and just had a piece of cho real slow and thaugh of you !!!
    Have a nice week ‘
    Ps will tell your new friend how mush I loved her box !!!

  3. AdaLou Fry says:

    Hi Connie== I am looking for the tutorial for making the make ahead box for the 2.0 cards that can be stored flat. I believe it came from your friend in the UK but need the messurements in inches. Can you direct me?

  4. ada lou fry says:

    Do I just print Sam’s website in the serch bar?

  5. Connie says:

    I got them off the video.

  6. susan.w says:

    Hi Connie, It is nice to see that you and Sam are friends. I have been following you both! I love both of your’s and Sam’s projects and work! Will we see a collaboration in the near future? Cheers!

  7. I want to try to make one of your flat boxes to hold the standard 4.5X5 greeting card. Do you have any advice as to how to do this? I have made several from your veido for the small box.

    • Connie says:

      Hmmm, I don’t think the paper would be big enough to make the box like this. You would probably have to use 2 pieces of cardstock and adhere them together. It sure would be cute though! I wish I had instructions for that but I haven’t ever seen any. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. 🙁

      • adaloufry says:

        Thanks Connie, I have 10 point and 12 point glossy card stock and even one heavier that is 11X17 and I think it might work. I will work on it after I close up my mountain cabin Sept 30th or in Oct weather permitting. I will let you know how I do it id it works. Happy stamping. Love all your designs , Ada


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