Many Happy Birthdays – February Paper Pumpkin

Hey everyone!  Did you enjoy your February Paper Pumpkin kit?  Wasn’t it fun and SPARKLY?  I had a chance to play with mine a couple of days ago and I just loved the stamp set we got this month.  I love creating Birthday cards and the stamp set that was in my kit was just perfect!


One of the fun things I do for my subscribers is to reward them with some BONUS tutorials.  Here I share different ways you can use your kit or the stamp set so that the fun doesn’t stop when you have made everything in the kit.

I thought I would share this fun card with you, just as a sneak peek of another way to use the kit this month.



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It was a nice morning….A quick check-up and the doctor and then I went to see the understudies perform in “The Sound of Music” at the high school.  I love supporting these kids and so many of them I have watched grow up (some I hardly recognize anymore!).  

I come home, grab the mail and I got the SHOCK OF MY LIFE!

AN AARP CARD!!!!!!!!  Wait… what?????  No, no, no… there must be some mistake.  Is this some kind of joke?  Then the reality hit me.  I turn 50 this month.  This card in the mail was actually for me and I wasn’t quite ready for it. <gulp>  Okay, I am ready to brace myself for this milestone….but that card.  I think I will hide it for a while.

Mr. Awesome kindly reminded by that at 50 I should get a colonoscopy.  He was a good man.  It’s a shame I had to pack his stuff and throw it on the lawn.  lol

Have a great Thursday everyone!  See you tomorrow!

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  1. Teresa Cherka says:

    Connie you are too funny! Don’t be afraid of turning 50, it is great!

  2. Debby says:

    That AARP card will get you all kinds of discounts–that’s more $$ for fun stamping stuff. And the best afternoon nap I had was after a “scope—just know that for the prep, when they say “Stay NEAR a bathroom, you should stay IN the bathroom. Take some paper supplies, snail, ribbons, a good book, laptop-, just park yourself. But it’s a lifesaver and don’t ignore it.

  3. Laura Musil says:

    Hey Connie,
    It’s not bad being an AARP member. What IS bad is when your kid
    qualifies for AARP !!

  4. Mary Ann Huntington says:

    Lots of benefits, cheap insurance!

  5. sandy halliburton says:

    oh no, connie!!! embrace that AARP card! it is a goldmine in discounts and special pricing on lots of things!!! that was the best part of turning 50 for me!
    lol! sandyh

  6. Carla S. says:

    A little personal note Connie. NEVER fear a colonoscopy!!! It saved my husbands life when he was in the best shape( in his early 50’s )ever-had just run a 1/2 marathon etc. I just had my yearly one-again lifesaving since it monitors “something” that could stop me from creating so many of your beautiful cards!!! Soldier on! Turning 50 has been a blast for these past years-hee, hee. Wait til you hit your 50th anniversary-ours was just last week and it only gets better 😇😇😇😍😍

  7. Vicki Zwiebel says:

    Oh Connie, You’re so funny! I remember when “the card” came in the mail! I thought it was quite funny and calmly hide it away for a year. I’m 11 mo older than my “Mr. Awesome” so I waited for his to come in the mail! It’s not bad. That was over 10 years ago. Colonoscopy was no problem, better than the alternative! Right? Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Enjoy life no matter what age you are, you seem like you do!

  8. Mary Lee says:

    Welcome to the world of Seniors!! LOL I remember my first envelope! Don’t know why they have to send them so early, though! Any way, the fun sure doesn’t stop at 50, so you just keep on going!!!!!

    And Happy Birthday!

  9. Jean McGee says:

    Gettin’ old ain’t for fraidy kats. And B.E.I.N.G old ain’t for sissies…..for sure -for sure…..
    I am not afraid of birthdays nor am I ashamed of my age 🙂
    From 78 year old Jean McGee

    • Connie says:

      Your comment warms my heart, Jean. It’s funny….I’m not bothered about turning 50. I think society tells us we should be upset by it but I am having the best times of my life right now. The kids are getting older and I am proud of who they’ve become so I can start to let go of them (think Momma bird letting her babies fly) and see what lies ahead for me.

  10. Cece says:

    Mary Ann is right — AARP is well-connected & provides a wide variety of discounts!! Connie, you will ALWAYS be young at heart!! Party on, girl!! Party on!!!

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