No More Cutting Plate Marks on Cardstock!

It’s probably happened to you…you’re cutting cardstock with your pretty little Framelit and as you wait for that magic moment when your beautiful die cut comes out and suddenly… WHAT ARE THESE MARKS ALL OVER MY CARDSTOCK?  Yep, those etched marks on your cutting plates transferred to your pretty stamped cardstock.

What to do about it?  Well, have I got a great tip for you.  Best part is, you don’t have to BUY anything, you don’t have to look far for it, and it is the perfect solution!

The answer?  JUNK MAIL!  You’ve probably got a pile of it lying around!  Credit card offers, carpet cleaning coupons, pizza ads, and even those magazines that you never subscribed to but for some reason you get them (why am I getting Parenting magazine when my kids are 12 and 17?)

Check out today’s video tip on how to solve the cutting plate embossing dilemma….


Easy peasy double cheesy!  Right?

I hope that this was a “DUH” moment for you.  It sure was for me.  🙂  I honestly don’t know why I never thought of it before.

A good tip is a great way to start a Monday!  Make it a GREAT week and I will have more news to share with you tomorrow!

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  1. Trish says:

    Which frame let are you cutting in this great video?

  2. denise says:

    Connie, you absolutely read my mind!! I was really frustrated with it the other day. Fortunately, I was cutting leaves and it looked like veining so I decided it was okay. But it just ruined most things. I tried searching google for solutions and didn’t find anything. So THANK YOU for an easy, free solution! By the way, I LOVE the magnetic platform!

  3. Connie says:

    Good use for old phone books! I also use phone books when I’m gluing things.

  4. love this tip Connie, thank you!

  5. Who would have thunk! You are one impressive lady Connie…..thanks for sharing.

  6. Patti Willey says:

    Yea like why didn’t we think of that!

  7. Wendie says:

    You’re the bomb, Connie! I just shredded my junk mail, but I’m sure I’ll get plenty more in the mail today! Love your videos. Your voice, enthusiasm, expressive and beautiful hands.

  8. Ute says:

    Thank You for this great tip. I love your videos!

  9. My acrylic plates are thanking you. Because of this great tip, they will continue to be loved for a long time. (dont’ tell them but I was actually thinking of tossing them) Merci merci merci.

  10. Cheryl McAskill says:

    Whoda thunk? Genius! Another use for junk mail! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Molly says:

    This hasn’t started happening to me yet, I guess I need to show my Big Shot a whole lot more love. But thanks to this tip it won’t be a problem in the future either. Thanks for passing it along, I will remember it!

  12. terrie says:

    Thanks for the tip…will keep some junk mail by my machine.

  13. Pam W says:

    What a great idea. Who doesn’t have junk mail. I also love your great tip for changing the wheel stamps into flat stamps…as never can roll it straight or have it evenly inked or press hard enough. Thank you for all your wonderful tips and card ideas. Am gonna be cutting me some 2.0 paper very soon.

  14. I couldn’t believe this when I saw it. I was mumbling under my breath just the other day because of this. Thanks for sharing this great tip.

  15. Virginia McCaughan says:

    Connie: I cannot get the video to work. Where it says if you get this in an email click and it will take you to he video it just goes to your post on the magnetic platform. Any idea on how to get this? thanks much.

    • Connie says:

      Virginia, I’m not sure why you’re not able to view it. You might try to click on the TV icon the left side (Watch YouTube Videos). Hopefully you can see it there. I had this happen to someone else last week. It shows up on my end so I am not sure how to fix it. I hope that you can view it there! Let me know!

  16. You are AWESOME! Thanks for the GREAT tip!

  17. Thank you for the Tip x 🙂

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