Oops! Here’s today’s video for Flash Card 2.0 – Thank You Flower Border Card – Video No. 58

FLASH CARD 2.0 - Thank You Flower Border Card by Connie Stewart - www.SimplySimpleStamping.com
Well, not sure what happened but the video didn’t show up in my previous post (thanks Vickie for letting me know)

Sorry for the error!  Here’s today’s Flash Card 2.0 Video!

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  1. Thérèse says:

    OH Yeah!! I noticed the video missing from your earlier post. Did you not have your 6th cup of coffee this morning (ha! ha!)

  2. Linda Hyden says:

    Very pretty, love this card.

  3. Judy says:

    Connie love your card, why don’t you color your stamp before you stamp
    it, you can use all those color and it would save time..I just am curious why
    you don’t do it that way????

    • Connie says:

      Judy, I know exactly what you’re taking about but this stamp in particular is not a solid image stamp. It’s an outline image only (not solid) so it has to be colored in after it’s stamped.

  4. Maria Rodriguez. says:

    Hello Connie: I don’t know what happened either but when I opened your post very early in the morning, I saw the screen with the play button so, after I finished reading what you wrote, I came back to see it and it was gone!! I don’t know where, LOL!! So I went to Utube and there I was able to watch it, and as always, it was fabulous. I left a comment on the earlier post and that’s because your video showed perfectly on Utube, go figure. Ahh!! the Internet, when it works fine is awesome but when it’s acting up, UGHH!!

  5. Betty Jo Nelson says:

    I thought it was just me. LOL

  6. Wow, make a mistake and everyone notices! lololo

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