Thankful Flash Card 2.0 by Connie Stewart -

I have had several requests for some Fall and Thanksgiving themed Flash Cards.  Well, today I had some fun playing with my Flash Card 2.0 pieces.  I must tell you, this card is much prettier in person.  The camera didn’t quite catch the BLING of that orange glitter….and I love me some glitter!

Thankful Flash Card 2.0 by Connie Stewart -

To create the wreath, I came up with my own take on the Baby Wipe technique and I will teach it to you tomorrow in the video for this card.  It is so simple and really makes a stunning card.

You may not recognize the wreath that I used.  It’s actually the big flower from Betsy’s Blossoms!  I have always loved using that stamp as a wreath but today I saw it in Fall colors rather than the typical green I use for Christmas.  Isn’t it great how we can find so many uses from just one stamp set?  This is why I LOVE paper crafting with Stampin’ Up stamps!  Most people would look at that flower and think “Spring” but it really is an all-season stamp set.  You just have to look at it a little differently.  And looking at it differently means getting more bang for your buck.

(Inside) Thankful Flash Card 2.0 by Connie Stewart -

The inside is where I utilized the Flash Card 2.0 pieces.  The THANKFUL Expressions Thinlit fit PERFECT on my Flash Card 2.0!  YAY!  I was so happy!

Have you ordered the Expression Thinlits yet?  You will not be disappointed!  One piece of advice and I share this because I love you guys… make sure you add a 2-Way Glue Pen to your order if you get these Thinlits!  The 2-Way Glue Pen makes it EASY PEASY DOUBLE CHEESY to adhere!  And we like Easy Peasy Double Cheesy when we’re creating, don’t we?  Are you feeling the love?

I hope you can come back tomorrow to view the video on this Thanksgiving card!  See you then!

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  1. très jolie a demain bise raymonde

  2. Maria A. Rodriguez. says:

    Very, very pretty and CAS too, Connie. This certainly can be mass produced in a flash. Love that bling of the glitter, even if it’s not to noticeable in the picture. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Vicky Holmes says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us!

  4. .Jan Hoyt says:

    oh my…the wreath is from Betsy’s blooms? love it!!!

  5. Linda says:

    Connie…..I LOVE watching your videos. I am a new viewer to your site.. I do watch some of your friends as well….Josee, Tami and Brandy. You all have some fab… ideas. My name is Linda and I do a lot of rubber stamping when I can.I live here in North Dakota where the winters are cold and long. I just purchased a lot of Stampin Up stamps and I plan to have some fun like the rest of you gals………………… so Thanks, for ALL the great ideas and I look forward to your videos every Wednesday….. will keep in touch from time to time….Take Care……..Linda from N.D……..Love ya.

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