Simply Simple Stamping is BACK from vacation

I have loved the responses and comments I get from you all regarding my new website and the Flash Card series…and YES, there are more to come! I took a little break while I attended the Stampin’ Up Leadership Conference in sunny Orlando, Florida!  It was the BEST Conference EVER!!!  80° temps all week.  I am leaving today to come back to Oklahoma and I just checked and it’s 19°.  Hmm…. do I REALLY want to get back on that plane???

I was blessed to be a presenter in one of the classes sharing with my fellow demonstrators about YouTube videos. I was SO so excited to be able to share! Nervous, but excited!  It was tons of fun though.

My dear friend Jann and I spent a day at Universal Studios too.  You can’t go to Orlando and NOT go to a theme park.  Had more fun than 2 girls should.  We laughed our way through scary roller coasters and paid for the headache afterward but it was worth it.

All this to say, this is the reason you haven’t seen any videos this past week BUT not to worry!  I’ll be back!!!  Last time I took a vacation I scared the bee-gee-bees out some of you thinking I fell off the planet (lol) so I wanted to let you know that I when I get home, I am sure to have MORE ideas to share with you!!

EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!  I have a BRAND new series I will be starting as well!  Flash Cards aren’t going away though!  Heck no!  They are just too much fun!

Thank you all for tuning in each week and I look forward to sharing more videos later this week!

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  1. Sherry Davis says:

    So glad to hear you had so much fun at Leadership! Looking forward to your new series!

    • Connie says:

      Sherry, it was an amazing conference and more fun than humanly possible! Spent my time on the plane working on the ideas for the new series. It’s going to be awesome!!

  2. Karen says:

    Welcome Home!

    • Connie says:

      Thanks Karen! I sure wish I could have brought some of that sunshine home with me. Came home to 19 degrees! YUCK! It was 84 in Orlando!

  3. Rita says:

    Glad you had a good working vacation and are raring to get back to work – altho you have too much fun to consider it work I guess. Looking forward to more goodies. God bless in the year ahead.

    • Connie says:

      Oh Girl, it’s true. It is hard to call what I do “work” sometimes but I am so blessed to have a job that is this much fun!!! I can’t wait to get those videos posted! Thanks so much for subscribing!!!

  4. debra higgs says:

    I look forward to boo do during your side everyday to see what you have you are such an inspiration someday I hope to mee you are such an inspiration someday I hope to meet you I live just east of Wichita in Ando

  5. debra higgs says:

    Please i messed up on mycomment. I was trying to say glad you had fun snd welcome home. I live east of wichita kansas in andover. Hopeto meet you some day. Love love your videos.

    • Connie says:

      LOL! I don’t think there’s a soul out there that hasn’t been frustrated by Auto Correct, Rita! It’s all good! I just met a wonderful demonstrator from Wichita this past week. Her name is LeeAnn and was HILARIOUS! I just love meeting new people and I hope to meet YOU someday too!

  6. Rita says:

    Hey Connie – I dusted off the treadmill, put stuff away, cleaned all my rubber stamps, got my Flash Card boxes made and am all ready for you to get that camera cranked up. I find that watching youtube videos helps pass the time on the treadmill sooooo – between you and The Piano Guys my NY resolution is working – you’d better not quit the vids or I am doomed!

    • Connie says:

      Girl, I hear ya on the treadmill thing. I have to watch something when I treadmill too. I prefer Law & Order SVU but now you have me thinking I might have to go check out YouTube for fun stuff! Keep up the good work! It was the treadmill that helped me lose 47 lbs. last year (and yes, it was a NY resolution too). YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  7. Rita says:

    had a good laugh yesterday – my husband had other things to do so “couldn’t” take me to the sale at Michaels. So I warmed up the car and headed off. Spent over an hour on those hard concrete floors trying to find “bargains” then headed for another store for a half hour. Couldn’t believe it when I realized how long I had been on my feet – and normally after10 to 15 min I couldn’t stand … ha – guess the treadmill is working! 47lbs eh? you had to have done more than just treadmill!!! I am aiming for just 15 by Christmas so perhaps treadmilling will do the trick! do check out the Piano Guys – awesome!

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