Things that go BUMP!

Well, that BUMP was me…. a bump off the plane, that is.

I was due to arrive home on Sunday afternoon from my Founder’s Circle retreat in St. George, Utah.  My flight was actually leaving out of Las Vegas.  While at the airport, I found out that my flight was WAY overbooked and they were asking for passengers to give up their seat.  Although I REALLY wanted to go home, I didn’t have anything pressing to get to on Monday, I was exhausted from my trip and a free night in a hotel room sounded kinda nice.

If you’ve ever been bumped, it can be a really sweet deal and I was SO glad I took the offer.  Get this!

I got a free hotel room in Las Vegas, shuttle service to the hotel and back to the airport the next day, my airfare for the next day and, here’s the best part, a ticket voucher for $773!!!  HECK YEAH you can bump me off the plane!!!!

Now, I am not big into gambling but I ran into several Stampin’ Up demonstrators in the airport who told me I should since it was my lucky day to get that kind of an offer from the airline.  We are planning a family cruise next year and this will help take care of a chunk of the airfare so it was well worth 23 hours of my time.

Oh wait… here’s the bad part… no luggage.  Wait, what?  No make up, no hairspray, no, well, you know, unmentionables (thank heavens there are Victoria’s Secrets in just about any mall you go in).  Walgreens took care of the rest.

So, why am I sharing all of this?  Two reasons… so you would know why there was no blog post today and to tell you that I got to spend some quality time in the same store I found “the red dress” – Bettie Page.  I may not gamble but I DO SHOP!  It’s a good thing everything I liked wasn’t available in my size or just didn’t look right.  Rich is pretty happy too (lol).

I also wanted to thank everyone for your SWEET comments to Rich.  He was so tickled by them… as was I.  He is such a great man and he takes good care of me.  He definitely came to my rescue the other day!  Whew!  THANK YOU guys for showering him with such love.  Now, about that raise….I took him out to dinner AND dessert (cheesecake no less).  That should cover it, don’t you think?

I am calling it a night and will be back with videos and fun projects later this week.  Wednesday is my day to share Stampin’ Gals Gone Wild so be sure to check back!

Love to all of you!!!

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  1. Janene Smith says:

    I just love your comments and full on letters! Feel like we are BFF’s. I will definately pay attention the next time the airline wants to bump someone……that truly was a sweet deal! Glad to have you back safe and sound and ready to regale us with tips and great card ideas. Love , love , love ’em!

  2. Bev Gomez says:

    Glad you made it home Connie and can’t see what you got at Founders club. Yes it is nice to be bumped off the flight and that much money is a nice bump. Welcome back and can’t wait to see all the goodies you got. Patty bennett has already shared and some yummy things coming and can’t wait for the sneak peek of the Occasions catalog.

  3. Laura Holden says:

    Connie I too was at the Vegas Airport and told them I was a Stampin up demonstrator when they were holding up their signs. I asked them where’s all the fun was at? I then moved on to The Green Valley Ranch and resort spa with Teresa Collins Inspiration Unlimited. Flew out Sunday and was at the airport also but did not get bumped only delayed. Glad you made it home safe with goodies!

  4. Bonjour
    heureuse que tu est de retours un peut fatiguer je pense mais on t’attend avec tes superbes vidéos bise raymonde

  5. Rose says:

    Connie, I just love reading you messages. thanks for sharing. Glad you got Bumped and hope it happens again…..smiles

  6. Maria Rodriguez. says:

    WOW!! that was one awesome adventure, Connie. My husband and I were bumped once in Cancun and let me tell you, we really, really enjoy that. The hotel was fabulous, meals were awesome and we also got a free, FREE open bar, we basically got a free day of beach, pool and fun just for delaying our departure 24 hours, now that’s a deal!!
    Well, your hubby deserves all the praise he got from all of us and more!! he really came to your rescue and that is so darn sweet.
    I’m so happy you made it back home and I can’t wait till you share what you did at Founder’s Circle.
    XO from
    Maria Rodriguez, in Crown Point, IN.

  7. Tammy Jo Tanner says:

    I need to travel by plane 🙁
    I am glad you are home safe and had a good time. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Have a blessed day. And I think the raise you gave you hubby.

  8. Sandy Rodney says:

    Love your great adventure! Thanks for the entertainment. You rest and recover, girlfriend, and we’ll see you when we see you. Yes, Rich is a keeper! XXX

  9. Sue says:

    Welcome home Connie or should I say “Lucky Connie” Sounds like you spent your 24hrs in Vegas well 🙂

  10. Mary Ann Huntington says:

    What a fun unexpected adventure. I got bumped once and got a free ticket to anywhere Alaska flies. Sadly, it had to be used in a year and we were extremely busy that year and couldn’t get away, so the ticket went to waste. Such a bummer! I’m excited to see all your new ideas from Founders club. Glad you’re home safe.

  11. Beverly Lausen says:

    So ‘Everything that goes bump in the night’ isn’t all bad…always love to read your comments…your sense of humor is always uplifting…You and Rich seem to be very well matched…Love all your tips and videos!!! Thanks for all the work you put into them.

  12. Christine Miner says:

    Connie you are such a riot. You can brighten anyone’s day. I’m thinking you have the perfect husband too. I agree with everything all the other posters said too. Hugs

  13. Cathy Snyder says:

    Connie, Glad you had such a good time on your extra day in Vegas. Also glad you got home safely, Cathy

  14. Vicky Holmes says:

    What a great ending to a great week!
    Thanks for all the amazing creations you post daily. Love clean and simple!
    Blessings, Vicky

  15. Judy Dorsey says:

    Connie, great ending. Blessings from the Lord. You didn’t have to spend ur own money for the extra day.

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