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YouStamp YouShare with Connie - www.SimplySimpleStamping.comSaturday was our annual Stampin’ Up demonstrators Christmas Party and Gift Exchange.  I look forward to our get-togethers every month BUT the December Gift Exchange is a NEVER miss event!  We play “Dirty Santa” for our exchange and all the gifts are created with Stampin’ Up products.

The gifts this year were AMAZING and I couldn’t wait to share them with you today!  I hope you enjoy them.  🙂

INK Demos Christmas Gift Exchange - These snow globe ornaments are the gift I fought for.  So cute!

INK Demos Christmas Gift Exchange -
INK Demos Christmas Gift Exchange - These two projects were made with the Many Merry Stars Simply Created kit!  STUNNING!

INK Demos Christmas Gift Exchange - INK Demos Christmas Gift Exchange - It was double-sided so it can be used for TWO holidays!  Brilliant!

INK Demos Christmas Gift Exchange - It’s hard to see but this was a hanging ornament and the boxes were “dangling”.  So cool!

INK Demos Christmas Gift Exchange - Created with chipboard.  It was a HUGE wall hanging ornament created with the November My Paper Pumpkin kit!

INK Demos Christmas Gift Exchange - Battery operated candle with bling!

INK Demos Christmas Gift Exchange - I had my hands on this tree once but lost it to my friend Gayle.  What a beautiful paper tree!

INK Demos Christmas Gift Exchange - Loved this framed art in gold.  Wowza!

Well, that’s a lot of inspiration for one day!  I hope that you enjoyed looking at the projects created by some of my demonstrator friends!  There were more projects but I didn’t get pictures of them.  If I come across them, I will post them later on.  They were all SO pretty that I don’t want to miss sharing any of them!

It was a really busy weekend but I think we are all in the Christmas spirit now!  Friday night we attended Christina’s Oklahoma City University’s annual Christmas Vespers.  I have no words.  It was just the most beautiful night ever!  Keep in mind that OCU is one of the nation’s top university’s in vocal performance.  To hear these students sing Christmas carols in different languages, with harmonies that were off the charts, well, it was just a moving night that I am so glad I attended.  Check out this beautiful church!  Oh wow!  I walked in and my jaw hit the ground.  There’s just something about those old churches with great big wooden beams…but them you decorate it for Christmas and it just takes your breath away!
Oklahoma City University - Christmas Vespers - December 12, 2014Sunday afternoon we attended OCU’s production of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life Radio Show”.  What a wonderful production it was!  Again, this is a performing arts university so it was nothing short of amazing!  Not sure if you can see it there on the right side, but there were 2 tables filled with “sound effect” props, all very 1940’s.  

There were  11 actors and they all played more than 1 role, changing their voices for each character.  It was just fantastic!

“Teacher says every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.”  Yep, I cried!
Oklahoma City University - "It's a Wonderful Life Radio Show" - December 12, 2014
I hope that your weekend was filled with Christmas spirit as well!  If you’re not quite there yet, go get a hot chocolate and watch a good Christmas movie.  Here’s my list of


  1. Elf – I just like smiling.  Smiling’s my favorite!
  2. Miracle on 34th Street – the 1947 and NOT the colorized version!  That’s just WRONG!
  3. The Santa Claus
  4. Charlie Brown Christmas – no Christmas is complete without Linus reading from Luke 2
  5. It’s a Wonderful Life – Jimmy Stewart was pure talent!
  6. Christmas Story – inspires me to each Chinese food every Christmas
  7. The Grinch – thank you Dr. Seuss!
  8. Holiday Inn – Aahh, Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby.  You gotta have BING at Christmas!
  9. While You Were Sleeping – love this movie!  I had such a crush on Bill Pullman (still do – don’t tell Mr. Awesome!)
  10. Miracle on 34th Street – the 1994 version.  Richard Attenborough was the best Santa!

What’s your favorite????

See you all back here tomorrow for 2-MINUTE TUESDAY TIPS!

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  1. juliekat says:

    Rudolph, The Grinch, Charlie Brown Christmas, Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, It’s a wonderful life…plus more! 🙂

  2. Patt Brantley says:

    My 2 DIL’s said that if they had to watch Christmas Vacation every year they probable wouldn’t have married my sons. LOL

  3. Karen halterman says:

    The SU Christmas exchange gifts you showed us are all so pretty and cool! Any one of those gifts would be appreciated and welcomed by a receiver. Talented group of ladies!!
    My favorite Christmas movies are: The Bishop’s Wife (B/W) with Cary Grant, Loretta Young and I forget the bishop David Niven. The Muppets Christmas Carol-love it!! White Christmas with Danny Kay, Vera Ellen, RoseMary Clooney and Bing Crosby. New Hallmark movie this year: Angels and Ornaments (excellent! and It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, a Hallmark back a couple years with the guy who played Fonz on Happy Days.
    Not Christmas without those movies. A religious one I love is The Nativity Story.
    Our snow, what little we had has melted away with warm temps, gloomy, drizzly, foggy and rainy weather. We haven’t seen the sun for over 7 days now! We always snow here all winter long. This warm, balmy weather is fun but makes us wonder what Jan-March has in store as far as temps go (and snow too).
    Karen from Iowa

  4. gail says:

    Love the wreath of stars! I am also a fan of all mentioned christmas movies!!
    Thanks for sharing!! Gail

  5. Hazel says:

    My favorite is: It’s a Wonderful Life (black & white), Holiday Inn, Miiracle on 34th Ave and all love movies from Hallmark

  6. adaloufry says:

    These are my favorites too.”Tis the seasonto be Thankfull for Jesus

  7. Sheila Breeden says:

    We’re sisters, alright. Let me ditto your list, but take off Grinch and replace it with The Holiday (Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law). If I’m in a really silly mood, and I have a kid with me, I might add Ernest Saves Christmas. Love Christmas movies!

    • Connie says:

      I’ve never even heard of The Holiday. We need a movie night! DON’T bring Ernest Saves Christmas though. I can’t sit through an Ernest movie. lol

  8. I think my absolute favorite is “It’s a Wonderful Life”, I think I know the dialog of every one in this movie, but I could never get tired of watching it. Love Rudolph, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Miracle on 34th. Street, the first version, such a classic Holiday movie.

    • Connie says:

      Oh yes, the first version of Miracle on 34th Street. Remember the one from the 70’s starring David Hartman and Jane Alexander? And they guy from “Family Affair”? I never liked that version though. Not sure why.

  9. Hazel says:

    I missed putting on one of my most favorite movies which I’m watching now is ‘White Christmas’ with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, and Rosemary Clooney made in 1954.

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