2-Minute Tuesday Tips by Connie Stewart - www.SimplySimpleStamping.com I get a lot of questions about organization and today I want to share with you one of my most recent AH-HA moments.  I love Ah-ha moments.  These are those moments that you are so excited about your new discovery you want to treat yourself to more Stampin’ Up stuff!  lol  Well, I do anyway.

I was struggling with organizing my clear blocks.  Stampin’ Up has a great tote for them but that wasn’t very conducive on my desk.  I wanted all my blocks within easy reach but needed them to have a “place”.  While I was cleaning up one day, I ran across a dollar store item that made clear block storage a dream!  

Stampin' Up Clear Block Organization - www.SimplySimpleStamping.com Stampin' Up Clear Block Organization - www.SimplySimpleStamping.com Here is what my desk looks like.  Before I get going with the video though, let me show you one thing on my desk that I love.  See that tall container in the back, the one with the ribbon on it?  That is my desk trash container.  Another Ah-Ha moment for me.  I miss the trash can with those paper backings from Stampin’ Dimensionals, or that little strip of cut cardstock.  Having this little container on my desk was a brilliant idea.  LOVE it! 

But, moving on to my tip for today… 

If you are unable to see the video, CLICK HERE to view it online.

Is that great or what?  I am THRILLED at my discovery and I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

As I said in the video, the best investment I ever made was several of each of the clear blocks.  The ones are use the most are the Clear Block Starter Bundle (Bock C, D, and H) and it’s a really great deal — you save $4.00!  Need all the blocks?  The big bundle gets you one of everything and you save $12.25!  To order yours, click the pictures below!

Be sure to add December Hostess Code CPTSWAGZ to your order of $20 or more to get your special videos & tutorials for December!  You won’t want to miss out on those!  If your order is over $150, don’t use the code and you’ll receive $25 Stampin’ Rewards PLUS the videos for December!

Clear Block Bundle

$79.20 $66.95


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