2-Minute Tuesday Tips by Connie Stewart - www.SimplySimpleStamping.com I love my Stampin’ Trimmer but the other day I went to change the blade and I couldn’t for the life of me get that little thing OFF.  I fought and fought with it and then I had a “DER” moment.  You guys know what a “DER” moment it, right?  That moment when you slap yourself on the forehead and think, “DER!  Of course!”?  Yep, one of those.

Turns out there is a VERY simple trick to removing the blade for replacement.  You’ll learn it in today’s video PLUS some tips on the Stampin’ Trimmer. 

If you are unable to view the video, CLICK HERE to view it online.

I have own SO many different cutters over the years and I have hated all of them.  Either you couldn’t see the numbers, the blades would fall out, and my all time favorite – it would cut crooked EVERY time.  ERRRR!  Is there anything more frustrating?

Confession… I really didn’t expect this trimmer to be any better but WOW I was so surprised!  It’s fantastic!  The bonus is that I can have one trimmer and have LOTS of attachment blades.  LOVE!

I have included a list of all the accessories you can get for the Stampin’ Trimmer.  If you don’t currently own the Stampin’ Trimmer and are frustrated with the one you currently have, do yourself a favor.  Cutting paper is the most important thing we do in paper crafting.  I know you will love the Stampin’ Trimmer as much as I do.

I hope that you guys enjoyed today’s 2-Minute Tuesday Tip!  Maybe it will save you from the DER moment too.

Happy Tuesday, friend!  See ya back here tomorrow!


MARCH 3 – 9, 2015

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