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Today I wanted to share a video from WAY back. In fact, this was the very first 2-Minute Tuesday Tip video I ever did.  It’s all about Heat & Stick Powder and how to use it.  This is a great time of the year to show it again because nothing says Christmas like GLITTER!  

I was just working with glitter yesterday and it dawned on me…. I had totally forgotten about Heat & Stick Powder.  It was time to dig it out of the bottom of my Embossing Box!

Let me share today’s Heat & Stick Powder tips….



What do you think?  Pretty awesome stuff, am I right?Want to add Heat & Stick Powder to your next order?  Just click the pic!


I shared with you last week that I was embarking on a new journey.  It’s not stamping, but something I am doing for myself.  Can you see it?  I got Invisalign braces!  These are clear braces that clip onto your teeth.  I will have a series of 19 ‘trays’ that I switch out every 10-14 days.  These trays slowly move my teeth back into place.

I have struggled my whole life with crooked teeth. As a kid, I had HORRIBLE buck teeth.  No, I had more than just buck teeth, they had a huge gap in them too.  God bless my parents, they spent a fortune straightening my teeth but over the years I have noticed my teeth crowding and those front teeth wanted to protrude out again.

It was time to take action before I looked like this.

And yes, with my Invisalign, I sound like this!  LOL  The orthodontist says it will go away.  I hope he’s right.

It will take some adjustment because I can’t drink coffee with them (this was NOT an easy thing for me to hear) but luckily the doc said if I could just cool my coffee down a bit, I can still drink with them in.  I just have to brush them really good after.  You have to take the trays out to eat as well SO my hope is that I will lose weight since I won’t be as likely to snack throughout the day.  It’s a hassle to eat – take out the trays, eat, brush your teeth, brush the trays, put them back in….EVERY time you eat.  Yeah, now you see why I will lose weight.  I literally take them out 3 times a day and that’s it.  The goal is to wear them 20-22 hours a day.

So….if you hear me lisp a little on a video, you’ll know why.  I’ll keep you posted!

Have a great Tuesday my sweet stampin’ peeps!  See ya tomorrow!  I have some fun stocking stuffer ideas to share with you!

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