I just got the Two Tags die for my Big Shot and I have had the best time playing with it! I was REALLY stressing over a design for my swaps for the Stampin’ Up Leadership conference. I had a BOATLOAD of Andes mints left over from Christmas so I knew I wanted to use them. This is what I am came up with and I am doin’ the happy dance over them! The only adjustment I had to do to the tag was to add another score line just underneath the one made by the die itself (about 1/4″ down). The bottom folds up and over my Andes mints to create this fabulous little holder.

I used 11″ of my FAVORITE ribbon ever, the polka dot ribbon, and I ran it up through the slit, back through the hole, and then brought the bottom up around the back. I used some pony beads I have had laying around forever and slid it down over the ribbon to hold it in place.

What do you think? I am madly in love with them! I hope that they swap well at Leadership!