A Round Array 1

Don’t you just LOVE new stamp sets?  They just make your creative time more fun!

A Round Array  2Today’s Flash Card 2.0 is the prefect quick card to send to a friend to tell them how special they are.  Don’t you think we should do that more often?  Just think how YOU feel when you receive a card from a friend JUST to say you’re loved?  It’s feels pretty darn good!  And since this card can be made in a FLASH, why not make several and send out.  Spread sunshine all over the place!

A Round Array 3

I even added a pretty little Designer Builder Brads!  BEEEE-UTIFUL!  Wanna see ALL 8 images in this set?  Check this out!


Tune in tomorrow for a video tutorial on how to make this happy card with the Flash Card 2.0 template!  See you then!

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