Well, the clean up is well underway!  The people of Oklahoma never cease to amaze me and how an entire community rises up to help their neighbors!  To see so many people out hauling debris and helping to find items that can be salvaged – it will touch your heart.  I LOVE THIS TOWN!!!  Someone asked me, “Why do you even live there when there are so many tornadoes?”  It’s because of the people.  I know they have my back and I have theirs.  And have you noticed when the reporters talk to people who have lost their homes, they aren’t mad or complaining about it?  They are glad to be safe and have their families.  They all say the same thing – “this is just stuff and stuff can be replaced”.  God made Okies very special people – they are strong, resilient, and we aren’t ones to sit around and wait for FEMA to fix the problem.  There isn’t a church in this town who isn’t feeding families, offering clean up crews, housing volunteers.  Our church looks like a Wal Mart with everything from diapers to denture cream!

Yesterday, my daughter and I baked cookies – lots of cookies – to put into the meals that our church is sending out to the workers and families.  We had a blast baking (and eating)!   We had some leftover so we took them to her friend Kevin and his family whose home was hit (but not leveled – thank God).  This was my first time to drive through the area (we have had to drive around it up until recently).  Words can’t describe what we  saw but at the same time, I saw Christina’s friends laughing and trying to find joy in the mist of the chaos.  Isn’t that incredible?  American Flags lined the streets in front of every house and hand painted signs saying things like “Thank you Moore for all you did to help us”.  It’s just awesome!  I am so proud to be from Moore!!!

I want to thank you ALL for your comments you left for me.  I didn’t have time to respond to them all but I wish I could.  Every single one of them blessed me.  Hearing from people all over the world was just mind-boggling!  Funny how a rubber stamp can bring us all together as a family.  I just want you all to know that we have felt your prayers and are so grateful for them!  I have nothing but love in my heart for each and every one of you!!!  Thank you thank you thank you!

Well, things are beginning to slow down and the Red Cross is taking care of the people of Moore at this point so I should be back in my stamp studio very soon.  I even had a chance to stamp a little over the weekend.  Ahhhhh, what great therapy it was!  I made 5 new Flash Cards so get ready!!!  As soon as I can get them filmed, you’re going to FLIP!  They are so cute!!!

Thanks again for being such great friends!!!!  Can’t wait to share with you some of the new products that will be available in our new catalog which starts Thursday!  I will post the link so you can view the catalog online on Thursday.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!!  HUGS!!!


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