Okay, so tell me, how many times have you needed a gift bag but couldn’t find one? Too many, right? Well, this gift bag was created using a mailing envelope! Stamp the envelope as desired. Jumbo wheels are GREAT here!!!

Cut off the top (where the flap was) and score the other 3 sides at 1 1/2″. Fold the scored lines and back forth a few times. Put your hand inside your envelope and stick your finger in the squares that are in the corner. Pinch together at the 2 scores to create a triangle (clear as mud, right?). Tape these down to the bottom of the bag. Stamp the tissue paper to match.

I made just a simple simple simple card front and adhered it to my bag. 🙂

Need a vertical bag? Seal the envelope and cut off one of the long ends instead! Add ribbon handles too!

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