Well, it seems my computer’s hard drive decided it was not happy living in my house any longer and it bit the dust.  SERIOUSLY?  What’s not to love about living here?  Okay, so there are some dust bunnies behind the monitor…every house has that right?

All that to say, no video today.  Boo.  We took the unhappy Mac into the Apple Store and we are hoping they can help make it better.  THE GOOD NEWS is that several years ago I invested in Carbonite.  This is a backup system that saves EVERYTHING so I am happy happy happy that I didn’t lose all my files or pictures.

I am working from my laptop but until I get my computer back, I can’t edit videos so I will just have to share pictures until we hear back from the Apple Genius.

I had some fun creating this 4 panel easel card.  I did the simple version since I had never made one before.  My dear stamping friend AnnMarie Bryant created one and I just LOVED how it turned out.  She was kind enough to share the directions on her blog.

4-Panel Easel Card - www.SimplySimpleStamping.com 4-Panel Easel Card - www.SimplySimpleStamping.com 4-Panel Easel Card - www.SimplySimpleStamping.com Pretty sweet card, eh?  It measures 5 ¾” x 5 ¾” so it’s a pretty big card!

Thanks AnnMarie for sharing the details!  I just love the card!

Now, for those of you who have received your Stampin’ Gals Gone Wild exclusive videos for May, play CLOSE ATTENTION to the Weekly Deals for May 27-June 2.  Why?  Check out the GREAT DEAL on the Typeset Alphabet dies!

I shared a video on how to create this beautiful HOME Framed Art.  I have this displayed in my entry way and have received so many nice compliments on it.  I loved it so much I made one for my friend Cindy.  Can you imagine all the ways you can use those letters?

HOME Framed Art - www.SimplySimpleStamping.com BUT, (there’s always a big BUT), this die set is on the retirement list and will be gone forever after June 2nd so don’t sit on the fence too long.  When it’s gone, it’s gone.  And you guys know what will happen… you’ll talk yourself out of it and 2 weeks from now you will think of the GREATEST project you could create with those dies… and you won’t have it.  I speak from experience on this one.  I have done it more than once.  Don’t make the mistake!  Get these dies NOW!

Remember to use the MAY HOSTESS CODE so you can get the video on how to create this fabulous work of art!


Weekly Deals at www.SimplySimpleStamping.com Well, I hope to have my computer back soon so I can get back to making videos!  I guess I will have to use my downtime to spend some time creating!  Not to worry!  Pictures I  can do!

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day!  Hugs!!!

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