Not THOSE drawers but the most amazing desk drawers EVER!  Okay, I know what you’re thinking….how exciting can drawers be?  Well, yesterday Mr. Awesome had the day off and he got busy converting my IKEA drawers into paper storage drawers.

Here was his dilemma…because I wanted a standing desk, that meant we had to buy kitchen cabinets.  How many kitchen cabinets do you know of with hanging files in them?  None, right?  So, he had to convert them.  After scouring the internet, he found a partial solution here and another partial solution there but nothing that truly solved my issue of needing hanging files for all my cardstock.  He found an IKEA hacking website with some hardware that would start the process but not a real solution.  (IKEA hacking this isn’t a bad thing.  This company just has hardware so you can convert IKEA furniture).

So to make my long story even longer, he tweaked things like crazy and came up with this.

My standing desk with 8 ½" x 11 AND 12 x 12 paper storage drawers - IKEA kitchen cabinets with a little conversion -

The most AMAZING 8 ½" x 11 AND 12 x 12 paper storage system!  IKEA kitchen cabinets with a little conversion -

I now have 4 drawers to store all my glorious cardstock!  I was doing the happy dance!  Even Roxie the Naughty Puppy was excited!

Did you see all my Ziplock bags hanging out the top?  This is where I store my scraps for each color.  I typically go to my bag o’ scrap before I cut into a new piece of cardstock.  I have used this system for years and it works like a charm!

THEN, I had an epiphany, a lightbulb moment, and speck in time that took my breath away!  As I looked at my fabulous new drawers, I could see they were pretty deep.  Could they possibly store all my 12 x 12 Designer Series Paper?  YES!!!  The heavens opened!!  The angels wept!!!  This was the most glorious news ever!!!  It ranks up there with the tumbling of the Berlin Wall!!!  Well, for me anyway.  🙂

Check out my paper storage for all my Designer Series Paper!

The most AMAZING 12 x 12 paper storage system!  IKEA kitchen cabinets with a little conversion -

The most AMAZING 8 ½ x 11 AND 12 x 12 paper storage system!  IKEA kitchen cabinets with a little conversion -

No more stacks of paper, no more wondering what series it’s from, no more scraps in a drawer!  I now have the most amazing storage solution ever and it wasn’t even planned this way.  Oh, aren’t those the BEST discoveries?  Because you know if we had PLANNED it that way, there would have been obstacles galore but it just happened to work in my favor.

I had about a billion+ pieces of our heavy chipboard that comes in our specialty papers and I used that in each file so my paper wouldn’t flop around.  It was the perfect solution!  I was able to separate all my Designer Paper, Glimmer Paper, Vellum, 12×12 cardstock, everything just fit perfect.  Oh, and don’t even get me started on the ⅛” clearance between my 12×12 and the top drawer!  Does it get any better than this?  I semis that it can not!

So…some of you out there are probably saying, “I can’t believe this girl gets THIS excited over drawers.”  You’re right, but when you’re struggling for a solution and you find it, you celebrate it.

Mr. Awesome will be sharing a blog post later on down the road about how he did this.  There will be guys out there who will be in the same boat we were in and we want to share how we did it.  We…like I had anything to do with it.  Ha!  My job was to go to Sonic for Happy Hour Route 44 ice tea.  An important job nonetheless.

Thank you for letting me show off my drawers!  I am so thrilled with them.

Want a Steel Magnolias update?  We are in our 3rd week of rehearsal now and it’s going great!  Last night we were not allowed to use our scripts.  This is the scariest night of all.  It’s like a baby learning to walk.  We’ve had this crutch in our hands all this time but it’s time to walk without it.  We got through Act One and lived to tell.  It was rough but we managed.  It will get easier from here.  The set was built over the weekend.  Right now it’s an ugly mess because it’s just pieces from previous shows pieced together.  We will get it all painted and make it look amazing though.  We got to rehearse for the first time with “beauty shop chairs”.  Squeal!  That was fun! Did I tell you guys that I have to learn to style hair for this show?  I have to do 4 different hairdos – 1 in each scene.  Oh THESE should be pretty!  Hair is not my thing.  And it’s 80’s style hair to boot!  2 of the hairdos are on Shelby and since my daughter, Christina, is playing Shelby, I can practice on her on the weekends until I get it right.  I thought I would ask the director if I could snap a few pictures of us rehearsing to post here.  It is forbidden for me to video any portion of the show so that’s out but if you ask my husband what he thinks of me in the show, his answer is always the same.  “She is much, much better than Dolly Parton.”  lol  He’s so funny!

Today I am off to the thrift stores looking for clothing from the 80’s for Truvy to wear.  I did love the clothes of the 80’s so it should be fun.  😉

I hope you guys have a wonderful Tuesday but before I go clothes shopping, let me give you something to shop for.  Check out our Weekly Deals for January 21-27, 2014!  Play close attention to that marker set.  If you didn’t purchase the new markers when we changed out of some of our colors, now’s your chance to get them at a great price!!!

I thought it would be fun to work on a video using some of the great products on sale this month so keep watching!

Happy Tuesday everyone!



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