Well, it’s time for another update from Tornado Alley!  I know most of you have seen that Oklahoma was once again hit with bad weather.  We didn’t escape this one as well as we did the other one.  🙁 100 mile an hour winds took out a lot of fence panels and our shed.  We had been meaning to meet our new neighbors… and we did… when we went over to say, “Sorry our shed landed in your yard.”  They were really nice about it though.  The shed took out the fence that we share and continued on through the other side of their yard taking out the other side.

Hey, we have a house and my family is safe, so I’m fine with it just taking the fence and shed!

Something we Okies love to do is to sit out on a decks and “watch” the tornadoes form.  It really is fascinating to watch them twist and start to come down, then lift, come down, and lift.  I got some amazing video with my iPhone (which promptly got lost but that’s another story).  Wish I could show it to you!  The tornado was only 30 blocks away so we could see it up close and personal.  As I said, only in Oklahoma do we go out to see it.  I knew it wasn’t heading towards me so I felt safe being outside watching it.  I have since changed that thought process when I heard one of the other tornadoes from Friday took a hard right.  Guess that is the last time I watch a tornado.

It was all okay until the power went out.  It was restored late yesterday afternoon.  Being without power is just no fun.  No internet (gasp), no phones, no TV (thought my kids were going to DIE).  But all is good now!

As far as the flooding, well, Praise God, that missed my area.  We sit up a little higher.  Yay!

There is supposed to be more bad weather later this week but I am PRAYING it’s nothing major.  I think we are DONE and our nerves can take no more.  I must say, everyone is really in good spirits and plugging away.  I am so excited to have Stamp Club next week so I can have some time with my friends and customers.  I love Stamp Club week!!!

Thanks so much for all the emails, comments, and especially your prayers.  You guys have been an amazing help to me!!!!  I go back and re-read your comments whenever I start feeling sorry for my community or myself.  THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING THERE FOR ME!!!

Can’t wait for it all to be back to normal and I can share some stamping projects with you.  I have several videos made (just needed power so I could edit them) so you’ll be seeing a lot of new products soon!


Do you want your own copy?  Just email me at [email protected] and I will pop one in the mail to you – no charge and FREE SHIPPING!  If you order the new FLASH CARDS TO GO I will be including one as well.

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