Eww! My stamped image looks gross! What happened?!

We’ve all had it happen, we are stamping what is sure to be our next masterpiece only to see a less-than-perfect image. Why? Well, I have a few ideas on why you may be experiences blotchy or faded images. Let me share with you today’s Tuesday Tip video on how to make your stamped images go from EWW to OOOH!


Eww! My Stamped Image Looks Gross! Watch the Video for quick fixes!


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The cardstock you use in stamping makes ALL the difference in the world. The super smooth finish is designed to accept the ink perfectly and not bleed. The Stampin’ Pierce Mat allows your stamps to ‘push back’ slightly, giving your stamped images a more even pressure, especially with Photopolymer stamps.


Ink Refills are a must have when stamping. No need to toss that ink pad – just re-ink it! Add them individually or you can order them by color family. Click a pic to start your order!


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What a weekend we had! Saturday night, my youngest hit a milestone and graduated from high school. I’m not one of those emotional moms so I was excited and very happy for Ginny. She graduated #27 in her class and were we proud? Heck yeah! The graduation ceremony was even enjoyable and the speeches were inspiring. And can we talk about how adorable she is in that cap and gown?

We came home and had a small party with family, most everyone headed home around 10:30pm. By 11:00pm, the weather took a turn and tornados were popping up everywhere. I try very hard to not let them shake me but in 2003 when the kids were small, our house was hit by a tornado so all the memories come back. I was doing okay until Mr. Awesome unplugged the back-up drive from the computer. That’s when I knew this was serious. We once again packed our emergency bag that we could take down into the neighbor’s shelter if we needed to go.

Luckily we never did have to go down in the shelter (those things wig me out) but we had to stay up and watch the weather until late into the night. I felt bad for Ginny that this was her graduation memory but she had cheesecake so I think she’ll be okay.

There were tornados and serious flooding going on around the state so keep us in your prayers. Flooding isn’t something that we’re used to. We normally are dealing with drought. That’s Spring in Oklahoma.

I hope that you learned something new today about getting the perfect stamped image. The cardstock you use plays such an important role. Quick story… Once Upon a Time…a Long Long Time Ago….When I first started stamping with Stampin’ Up I thought all cardstock was the same.  I mean, c’mon, cardstock is cardstock, right?  I was making a lot of cards so I thought I would save money by buying my white cardstock in bulk at the office supply store. Every time I stamped an image, it was blotchy or the ink was “bleeding” into the fibers of the paper. The color of the ink was just “blah” and flat.  I hated the cards I was making.

I asked my demonstrator (this was before I joined the Stampin’ Up family) what I was doing wrong. “Was my ink bad?  Was the stamp defective?  WHAT?” I took my supplies over to her house and showed her my horrible results and when she pulled out the Stampin’ Up Whisper White cardstock and stamped, I was blown away. Perfection! From that day on, I have never purchased cardstock from any place but Stampin’ Up’s ever again.  You’ll be amazed at the difference of your paper crafting when you use the right card making supplies! THE END.

Thank you for joining me today! I sure appreciate you watching! Make it a GREAT day my stamping friends!

QUOTE OF THE DAY – “Creativity is a habit, and the best creativity is the result of good work habits.” –Twyla Tharp


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