On my last update I said “How ever long you think a project will take, double it.”  Hmmm, I think I may have been off.  Triple it maybe?  We have been working about 14 hours a day on my craft room.  I wonder if Rich is regretting his decision?  I ask him and he says even though it’s been a lot of work, deep down inside he has enjoyed it.  Let me share some updates with you…

Craft Room Makeover - www.SimplySimplyStamping.com  Craft Room Makeover - www.SimplySimplyStamping.com

I am so proud to have the cabinets in and even more proud that I built every single one of them.  Luckily they are all built the same way so I just repeated the process 20 times.  I could build these things in my sleep now.  They are actually kitchen cabinets and we could really customize how many drawers, how many shelves, etc.  I love that!!!

We hit a few snafus along the way…of course.  I told you before about broken boards that were going to have to be replaced.  Well, there was no way around it, we HAD to take the long drive back to Dallas to Ikea.  There is some GOOD news about the trip!  We had purchased some pieces that we discovered we really didn’t need totaling about $400 so it was worth going back for.  The bad news… these were the pieces that were too long for our Chevy Traverse so we had to drive with the hatch open.  But for a $400 credit, I was willing to endure a little cold wind.

Craft Room Makeover - www.SimplySimplyStamping.comBut since we were there, why not pick up a few more things….totaling $400.  LOL  So much for my great savings!  More storage boxes and more lighting.

Craft Room Makeover - www.SimplySimplyStamping.comIt was back to work.  I would build a cabinet, Rich would put it in the room.  Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?  We seem to hit brick walls over and over.  See that floor cabinet?  When I went to put the drawer in, it wouldn’t fit…because of the window ledge.  We had to take the cabinet off the wall and move it down.  So that cabinet on the wall?  It drove Rich nuts that it wasn’t completely centered with the now shifted floor cabinet….so down they come.  While trying to find the studs in the wall, we discover that the studs are consistent.  Seriously?  Could we just catch a break?  Then there were electrical outlets that had to be moved from the floor to the space between the wall and base cabinets.a never-ending stream of “To Do’s”.

Well, finally we could say all the cabinets are built and we go from this…

www.SimplySimpleStamping.com - Craft Room Makeover  To this!  YAY!  Empty boxes!!!

Craft Room Makeover - www.SimplySimplyStamping.comTime was running out quickly.  Rich had to go back to work on Monday AND I had to get everything out of my sunroom (where I stored everything from my craft room during the remodel).  My local Stamp Clubs started on Monday too and my class space looked like this.  It was time to move in whether it was time or not.

www.SimplySimpleStamping.com - Craft Room MakeoverSo, this is just a partial reveal.  There’s still lots of work to do… crown molding , base boards, painting of the doors, blinds, curtains, caulking, etc. but I am MOVED IN!  I can’t wait to stamp my first project in my new DREAM SPACE!

Check out my stamp set wall!  LOVE it!!  To the left will be my punch storage…but that will have to wait too.  Why?  Because we have to go BACK TO LOWE’S… AGAIN!

Craft Room Makeover - www.SimplySimplyStamping.comAll those storage boxes have a home now.  Boy, you can fill those boxes and those shelves quickly.  That counter on the wall will be home to my Big Shot, Simply Scored board, paper cutter, and my Stack & Store Caddy…with room to spare!

Craft Room Makeover - www.SimplySimplyStamping.comOn the opposite wall, more cabinets, drawers and shelves!  And a sweet little space for my TV.

Craft Room Makeover - www.SimplySimplyStamping.comMy big island desk is my most favorite piece in the room!  I really wanted a desk that I could stand at rather than sit and Rich designed this fabulous desk for me.  Is this beautiful or what?  The counters turned out to be about 12-inches too long.  What to do with those leftover ends?  Turn them into a fabulous desk shelf!  I now have a place to film my videos AND a great place to store markers and other desk accessories.  The man is brilliant!

Craft Room Makeover - www.SimplySimplyStamping.com

Craft Room Makeover - www.SimplySimplyStamping.comMy favorite Ikea find was this retro mirror.  It sets off my retro style room perfectly!

Craft Room Makeover - www.SimplySimplyStamping.comAnd that is what I have to share for now.  Whew!  It has been a busy 2 ½ weeks….and we’re not done yet.  BUT, the weekend isn’t that far away and it’s back to work.  I think Rich was secretly happy to go back to his “real” job.  He is such an amazing guy to do all this for me!!!  From now on, he will be known as Mr. Awesome.  This was by far the absolute BEST Christmas gift ever!!!!

I will post a proper “BEFORE” and “AFTER” post when everything is 100% done.

I am beyond excited to start stamping in my new room!

Thanks so much for your patience these last 72 weeks… I mean 2 ½ weeks, as we remodeled!  It should be back to normal here at Simply Simple Stamping now.  YAY!  I miss Flash Cards!!!  How about you?

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