Calypso Coral Secret Garden 1It’s FLASH CARD time again!  Today’s card is so soft and pretty.  I just LOVE Pool Party and Calypso Coral together, don’t you?  It’s a beautiful combination.

Calypso Coral Secret Garden 2It seems that Thank You cards are always one of those cards you need in a flash and this is definitely one that can be made super quick!

Calypso Coral Secret Garden 3Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the 32nd video installment of FLASH CARDS!  Can you believe how many different cards we have made with just those TWO little pieces of cardstock?

I really think the secret is in having the cardstock always cut and ready to go.  Cutting cardstock is the part we don’t enjoy anyway (well, at least I don’t).  Why not spend some time getting everything cut and ready OR better yet, order FLASH CARDS TO GO!  Flash Cards to Go is a collection of 40 cards that are cut, scored, and ready for you to create.  Envelopes too!  To order your Flash Cards to Go, just email me at [email protected] .  We have been struggling with our Flash Card to Go button but the kits are still available.  🙂

Want to see the FLASH CARDS TO GO collections?  CLICK HERE!

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