Wahoo!!!!  A BRAND NEW video series is about to begin!

I have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback on my FLASH CARD series that I thought it might be fun to create a NEW template!  This version is called FLASH CARDS 2.0.

With the original template, your card stock was cut in more of a “portrait style”.  This is cut in a “landscape style”.  The new template, Flash Cards 2.0, also gives you 8 pieces of cardstock ready to create cards in a flash but it can be used in ways the original version couldn’t.  It’s REALLY awesome and I know you are going to love the new ideas I have waiting for you!

The first sample in this series will be posted tomorrow so be sure to check back to begin this series!

See you then!

If you love the FLASH CARD concept but aren’t thrilled with the initial cutting, why not order FLASH CARD KITS TO GO?! Everything you need to create 40 Flash Cards AND Flash Cards 2.0 in one convenient kit! Click on the FLASH CARD KIT button on the right and receive FREE SHIPPING!

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