Good morning my favorite stamping friends!  Before I start, let me say how sorry Josee and I are that there was not Stampin’ Gals Gone Wild Wednesday yesterday.  It’s summer and that means kids are home and we have to wear our Mommy Hats full time.  Josee sent me an email apologizing for not being able to make a video because she was off on a final school trip with her daughter.  I saw a couple pictures and they look like they were having a blast!  It looks like she is chaperoning a bunch of 8th graders so she probably would covet your prayers.  lol

Not to worry!  Stampin’ Gals Gone Wild will be back next week! I had hoped to jump in there and fill in for Josee but I got to spend a fun day with my daughter yesterday!  Ginny is off at camp so it was just Christina and I.  We ran errands all day and shopped for dorm room stuff.   That was so much fun!  We didn’t buy anything yet, just shopped.  You know, picking out dorm room bedding is a one time shot!  Whatever you pick, everything has to revolve around that color scheme so we just shopped around to see what she liked before we make a final decision.  Starbucks, pizza for lunch with my mom and sister too… it was a super fun day!

Christina and I did something else together.  We created a guest book for her boyfriend’s graduation party this weekend.  His mom asked if Christina would make a guest book and we thought it would be fun to use a This-n-That book where everyone could write some words of wisdom to Richard as he head’s off for college.  The Epic Day This-n-That book is PERFECT because the pages are a little more masculine and not too “bright” so when guests sign it, you can read it.

Here is what we came up with.  It’s simple but I like the way it turned out.  Personally, I wanted to add glitter but Christina said no.  WHAT?  No GLITTER???

This-n-That Graduation Guest Book - This-n-That Graduation Guest Book - Now, I thought we were all done but then I decided that it needed to be preserved just a little.  I created a matching box so Richard’s mom could keep it nice and pretty.  You guys know how much I love to make boxes!  I used my little box maker shim to create a perfect box and lid.  Had just enough of some of our retired striped ribbon (so glad they brought it back this year) to tie up and within about an hour, Christina and I had a great gift to give to not just Richard, but his mom, Cindy.  I think she will really treasure it.

This-n-That Graduation Guest Book - I did use a lot of retired product on this project so I won’t share a supply list but I did use the Epic Day Designer Series Paper and of course the Epic Day This-n-That book (page 190 – #131268).

One things I LOVE about Stampin’ Up products is how everything matches perfectly.  It makes such a difference!  My Designer Paper on the front of the box matches the paper on the inside of the This-n-That book, the ribbon matches the Early Espresso cardstock, the 2014 matches the ribbon.  THIS is what makes a gift like this a piece of art rather than a hodgepodge of stuff thrown together.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I always keep one or two This-n-that journals on hand so I can make these whenever I need them.  The new one, “Documented” is absolutely fabulous!  Christina swiped that one from me to work on her graduation memories.  I need to remember to add a new one to my next order.  I’m telling you, when you need a gift in a hurry, whether it’s for a girl or guy, This-n-That books are great!  And at $10.95, it’s quite the bargain as far as gifts go.  All I have to do is fix up the front and I let Stampin’ Up decorate the inside for me.  🙂

Well, I’m off to play catch-up after my day of shopping yesterday.  I have SO many ideas in my head that I want to video for you so I am off to stamp!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!  Show your awesomeness to the world today!  See ya tomorrow!

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