It’s not the best picture but these little jewels aren’t easy to photograph. What is it, you ask? It’s a trash bag to use at your stamping table! I was at my upline’s house the other day and she had something similar. I knew immediately that it needed the attention of the Big Shot Scallop Square die! 😉 They take about an hour to make (longer for your first one). Here is what you need:

1/8 of a yard of 4 different fabrics (or 1/2 yard of 1 fabric)
(2) Tumbled tiles
12″ of wide ribbon
Girls plastic head band

Big Shot
Scallop Square die
Hot glue gun

Cut out (4) scallops of each fabric or (16) of one fabric. Sew (8) scallops in 2 rows of 8 – fringe towards the pretty side.

Make another one with the fringe towards the ugly side (this is the liner of your bag. Don’t look at my picture though because I learned this after I made this one).

Sew up the sides to create (2) bags (one will have fringe on the outside and one will have fringe on the inside).

Cut the ribbon in half and sew onto 2 of the squares on the inside part of the bag, about 1″ from the inside seam on both sides of the seam.

Put the bags one inside the other and sew all the way around, leaving the space between the 2 ribbons open.

Slip the plastic head band inside and then you can sew up the opening (I was able to do that on the machine too).

Sandwich the ribbon between (2) tumbled tile coasters (the top one stamped, of course) with a lot of hot glue. Add a piece of sticky backed craft foam to the bottom to keep it from slipping.

Coaster and trash collector in one!

I used the leftover fabric to create a Flower Folds flower in the center that I hot glued in place.

I plan to make 6 of these for my stamp club tables to clear up some space from my bulky trash containers that sit on the tables. They are really a lot of fun!

Never made a tumbled tile before? It’s easy! Stamp your image with Craft ink onto a clean Tumbled marble tile (you can get these at any home improvement store). After you have stamped it, bake it at 325 degrees for 15 minutes. Allow it to cool and then it is ready to use as a coaster!

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