Today is my Stampin’ Up! anniversary!!!  I joined Stampin’ Up 13 years ago today.  BEST. DECISION. EVER!

Throughout my 13 years as a demonstrator, I have connected and become great friends with other demonstrators from all over the country. We have shared business ideas, creative ideas and have helped and supported each other–both personally and in our businesses. THIS IS WHY I love Stampin’ Up!  It’s all about the people!  I treasure the friendships I have with these fabulous people!  Perhaps YOU are longing to connect with other people who share the same interest and excitement about stamping and Stampin’ Up?


Recently, 10 of my friends gathered together in Kansas City to brainstorm and plan ways that we can best work together to provide the BEST possible creative training and business training.  We know that not everyone wants to run a Stampin’ Up business but we do know that everyone wants to belong to a community of stamping enthusiasts.  These great gals are here to make that happen!

Why not join a Stampin' Up team with over 150 years of experience! Join Stampin' Up with Connie Stewart and you will be a part of the CREATIVATE Team! You'll get training from not just me but 9 other incredible and talented demonstrators! www.SimplySimpleStamping.com

Check out this picture.  This represents 150+ years of Stampin’ Up! experience!!!!! Is that incredible or what?

Between all of us–we can truly say–been there/done that!!!! (All of us are top demonstrators in the company)

So, why am I sharing this with you.  To introduce you to the CREATIVATE TEAM

Creativate Team - When you join Stampin’ Up! with me….you not only get ME to help you, but you get training that is backed by 150+ years of experience!!!! FOR FREE! www.SimplySimpleStamping.com

We are working together to provide incredible FREE creative and business training to our team of stampers!!!  When you join Stampin’ Up! with me….you not only get ME to help you, but you get knowledge that is backed by 150+ years of experience!!!! FOR FREE!

The most common question I get seems to be “IS IT REALLY OKAY TO JUST JOIN FOR THE DISCOUNT?”

YES, YES, YES….AND YES….. Think of it like a Costco or Sam’s Club Membership–“join the club” and get all the benefits–no strings attached.  Really–I promise!  You will be blow away by all the fun that comes along with being a part of my fabulous group of stampers.

Give yourself a gift!!!!! If you plan on ordering more than $100 in the next 3 months–this is truly the BEST way to go–and there are NO STRINGS ATTACHED!!!  GET $155 WORTH OF PRODUCTS FOR JUST $99 (and FREE Shipping)


ANYONE: This opportunity is available to anyone in the USA who is currently not an active demonstrator.  If you are going to buy products anyway, why not buy from yourself and get at least 20% off of them?

PAST DEMONSTRATORS: This is the best time to “come back!” Whether you were on my team in the past or not, you are ALWAYS welcome!

BUT I DON’T WANT TO BE A DEMONSTRATOR: I get it!  Just because you buy the Starter Kit, you’re not committing to doing any of the “things” you think demonstrators “have to do!”  Just have FUN!  That’s all you have to do.

LOVE DISCOUNTS?  This is ESPECIALLY for you. Why pay full price for Stampin’ Up! Products?  Plus you can join in on the FUN that we have sharing stamping ideas, cool challenges, and lots of inspiration.


  • Because you want to be a part of something exciting and share with other stampers
  • You would LOVE a 20% discount on everything you buy
  • You want to order a month early from the NEW catalog this summer
  • You want access to a super fun Facebook Group exclusive to my team members
  • A fabulous library of CREATIVATE training videos, project ideas, weekly challenges, and TONS more
  • Free access to the “Let’s Get Creative” exclusive videos & tutorials
  • If you’re interested in the business  aspect, great because each week you’ll get motivation posts, business building ideas, even a time to toot your own horn!

OKAY–you have convinced me…….HOW DO I SIGN UP???

It’s simple…..just CLICK HERE

You will never know where that $99 will take you unless you try.  You will have not ONE cheerleader on your side, but 10! That makes me HAPPY!

Tip: Have your list of $155 in products picked out before you start–makes it easier!  You will pay just $99 (+tax)–FREE SHIPPING

QUESTIONS????  Email me!  connie.stewart@cox.net   I would be happy to answer any questions.  🙂