Isn’t it great to get HAPPY MAIL?  Not bills, not insurance quotes, not even claims that I’ve won a million dollars.  I’m talking REAL LIFE HAPPY MAIL!  Well, this week, I got some fantastic mail!
Founder's Circle 2014 - www.SimplySimpleStamping.comThis beautiful package came from Stampin’ Up.  It’s my special invitation and travel documents for the 2014 Founder’s Circle Retreat.  This is a special retreat for the Top 100 Demonstrators in the USA and Top 25 Demonstrators in Canada.  I will spend a week being pampered with my OWN hotel room (heaven!!!), pillow gifts every night (ahhhh), and spending the days at the pool, shopping, and visiting with other demonstrators.  This will be my 5th Founder’s Circle Retreat and getting my invitation and travel documents is a highlight for me.  These were hand stamped by Stampin’ Up to fit our theme this year, “Home for the Holidays”. 
Founder's Circle 2014 - Founder's Circle 2014 -
Inside the folder were the cutest luggage tags, my agenda for each day, a dolled up packing list, and tags with other special info on it.

This retreat is my favorite Stampin’ Up trip for me.  5 days with other demonstrator sharing, laughing, and learning.  It really is fabulous!

Could the week get any better?  YES IT CAN!  Another package from Stampin’ Up arrived on my doorstep.

Tiffany's Bracelet Tiffany's BraceletIs this fabulous or what?!  All my life I DREAMED of owning something from Tiffany’s.  Because I was in the Top 10 in Sales this year, I got to choose a gift.  When I saw one of the options was in a GORGEOUS blue box, I knew what I wanted!  It’s just the most stunning piece of jewelry I’ve ever owned (next to my wedding ring, of course).  I gotta be honest, I thought the box was so beautiful I wasn’t sure I wanted to remove that bow!

Well, speaking of that beautiful blue box, it did inspire me today.
Tiffany's inspired 20 cards/envelope box - www.SimplySimpleStamping.comChristina is leaving tomorrow to fly off to Chicago for Labor Day to spend time with friends.  I created this box, filled with 20 different hand-stamped cards and envelopes for her to bring to the hostess, Sharon.  Sharon has pulled out all the stops for this trip – tickets to a Broadway show, Second City, and all the sights and sounds of downtown Chicago.  She’s going to have a blast.  I’m just jealous that I’m not going.  That’s okay.  I’ll just stay home and mow the yard or something fun like that.  <sigh>
Tiffany's inspired 20 cards/envelope box - Tiffany's inspired 20 cards/envelope box -
The box was created with the Box Maker Shim (you can find the video on the shim by doing a search in the left sidebar – “Box Maker Shim”).  I just made a simple tag with the Scallop Tag Topper punch, stamped with Lots of Thanks and Stippled Blossoms.  The satin white ribbon was what made the box look very Tiffany & Co.

No video today but I have a good reason!  I have been busy working on the SEPTEMBER STAMPIN’ GALS GONE WILD monthly tutorials.  Josee is finishing up hers as well so we can’t wait for September 1st to hit so we can share them with you.  You’ll just have to wait until September 1st for a sneak peek.

Well, I guess that lawn won’t mow itself and Christina’s leaving so she won’t do it.  C’MON RAIN!!!!  Do something so I don’t have to mow!!!

Have a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day weekend my wonderful stamping friends!  See ya back here on Monday!

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