That’s pretty much been my life these last few days. I have tried to go into my stamp room but with all this cough and cold medicine, I’m just too loopy to create anything. You know I’m sick when even stamping doesn’t sound like fun.

Then, last night Oklahoma City was hit by an ice/snow storm. School is out today (oh, goody) and we aren’t expecting the temps to get above freezing until Wednesday. If there’s ever a time to be sick, I picked a good time, I guess.

So, it’s back to the couch with my hot tea (thank you, Christina) and my blanket….and lousy daytime television.

NyQuil to the rescue so I can sleep it off!

Thanks for all your Get Well wishes!!! I appreciate it so much. I hope to be back to videos next week! I miss you guys!

Stay healthy and I’ll see ya soon!

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