I’m going to share with you how to read a ruler-the EASY method + I’ve got a free download for you!

Remember back in 2nd grade when you learned how to read a ruler? Yeah, me neither. That was a LONG time ago and for many of us, understanding ruler measurements can be a challenge. Today I have a video to give your a refresher coarse on understanding all those measurements and a tip or two to help you remember. I even have a free download to help you!

How to Read a Ruler- The Easy Method Video Tutorial:

Are you asking, “Connie Stewart, where is the quarter inch mark on a ruler? And OMG….1/16th of an inch??!” Let me help you out! Reading a ruler is something we all need to learn and if you want to know “what are the measurements on a ruler?” I think this video will have you Ruling the ruler measurement (sorry, I couldn’t resist!) in no time flat.


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Download my FREE giant ruler. It is sure to help you when cutting cardstock!How-to-Read-a-Ruler-Free-Download-Template

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Everything you need to know about the Paper Trimmer:

  • Size: 15 ⅜” x 8” – when arm is extended, measures to 17″
  • Cuts 12 ½” wide to 17 ¼” long
  • Includes (1) cutting blade & (1) scoring blade
  • Blades are long lasting
  • Imperial & metric measurements included
  • Imperial measurements on the arm also
  • Creates clean, straight cuts with no jagged edges
  • Cut through (3) sheets of White or Vanilla with one pass
  • Cut through (2) sheets of colored cardstock with one pass
  • Cut through (3) sheets of Designer Series Paper with one pass
  • Ruler area is protected by a durable plastic cover so the measurements can’t rub off
  • Use the Right side grid for cutting thin strips and the left side for wider cuts
  • Can hang on a wall or hook
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • $25.00 – USA


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This makes my heart SO happy!

I think my earliest memory ever was watching the first episode of Sesame Street. I was sick in bed but my Mom said I could come out in the living room and watch this new show that was coming on. Keep in mind, my sweet little young people, this was before the days of cable. We had 4 channels to choose from so a show for kids was a BIG deal!

I sat about 8 inches from the TV (how many remember doing this until we learned we would ruin our eyesight?) at was mesmerized at this new world. I don’t remember a lot about it (I was only 2 years old) but I remember Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster. I remember the steps the kids sat on. I THINK I remember Susan too. It’s a pretty faint memory.

I continued to watch Sesame Street from that day on. I probably watched it longer than a kid should but hey, there wasn’t anything else on. I love that 50 years later this wonderful show continues to educate and entertain children everywhere. Congratulations Children’s Television Workshop! May you continue to share for another 50 years!

QUOTE OF THE DAY – “Smile from your heart; nothing is more beautiful than a woman who is happy to be herself.” — Kubra Sait

I hope you enjoyed my little flashback to grade school and that today’s video & free download will help you next time you have an 8th or 16th measurement that you can’t quite figure out.

I’m so grateful that you’ve allowed me to be part of your day! Every time I send you an email or know that you have stopped by my website, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. THANK YOU for joining me!

Make it a GREAT Tuesday my friends!