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“It wasn’t me.  I didn’t do it.”  That’s what Roxie is trying to make me believe.  She has discovered that toilet paper on the roll is a SUPER fun toy to play with!  Is the look on her face not priceless though?  I just had to get a picture.

Many of you have asked me how Roxie, the rat poison eating puppy, is doing.  As you can see, she’s is doing great…. well, except for the toilet paper issue.  The horrible rat poison incident is behind us now (whew) and she is growing so fast!  When we brought her home 4 1/2 months ago she fit into the palm of my hand!  We also thought when we brought her home she was a golden retriever because both the momma and daddy were golden retrievers.  Hmmm, seems Momma found herself a new stud in the neighborhood in the form of a cocker spaniel!  LOL  That’s cool with us!  Mutts are the best dogs anyway!

Roxie has really been a very good dog!  She now uses the doggie door so house training is done (YAY!  Now I can get my carpets cleaned!)  We used to kennel her when we would leave the house but she now gets to roam the house with the other 2 dogs.  She loves that!  She is a SNUGGLER and has to sleep in our bed every night (once she learned how to jump up on the bed, there was no getting her down).  The only other big issue that we’re dealing with is SOCKS.  Oh my gosh, Roxie LOVES socks!  Luckily she doesn’t chew them up (in fact she rarely chews up anything) but she just has to grab a sock and run and hide.  She just kind of plays with them and we find them all over the house.  Silly dog!

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