Christina Stewart
Today I am SUPER excited to share a video created by my 16-year old daughter, Christina. She is a great crafter and she wanted to share with you a project she has been making for her friends.

A couple of things you need to know about the video…she (and our whole family actually) are HUGE and I mean H U G E Les Miserables fans. From the stage production to the hit movie, we love all things Les Miz!  My girls made sure we bought tickets to the very first showing on Christmas morning. They were more excited about seeing Les Miz than they were in Christmas presents (could have saved their dad and I a fortune).

In the movie, the students of the French Revolution are all wearing these red/white/blue pins and Christina really wanted to make one. Well, you know how it goes… she made one, wore it to school, and before you know it, everyone wanted one. If you have a Les Miz fan in your house, you will love her video on how to create these pins for yourself and show your support for the movie of the year. EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT A FAN OF THE MOVIE, this video is just FUN!  She did an amazing job on it!! I think she needs to make more videos of other crafts for teenagers, don’t you?

Leave Christina a comment if you would like her to make more videos!  🙂

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