The holidays…they seem to suck out time away and warp speed!  Kids school concerts, programs at church, shopping,…and yes, the blog gets put on the back burner.  The good news is that I HAVE been busy working on some new Flash Cards using the new products from Stampin’ Up’s Spring Catalog…but I have to wait until January to share the videos.  Sad face.  I know!  But hey, if your holiday is like mine, you wouldn’t have time to watch them until January anyway!

One other thing is taking up a lot of my time….her name is ROXIE.
Cute right?  Yeah, but wait until I tell you what this sweet little puppy did.  The other night I go into my bathroom and sweet little Roxie has pooped on the tile.  I clean it up and notice that something is not “right” with this poo.  It was bright green (I know, more than you wanted to know, right?)  I mention it to my husband, Rich, and he gets this look of fear on this face.  He goes to the garage and his fear is answered.  The puppy has eaten rat poison.  We get on the internet to find out what to do and all we read was “slow and painful death”.  I burst into tears and we run her up to the emergency vet clinic.  Thank God that we got her there in time and they were able to save her.  We were at the vet until 2am.  Ugh!  Roxie is not totally out of the woods yet but the vet said her blood work yesterday was looking better so that was the sign we needed.  We have to keep her quiet and calm until Monday.  Have you ever tried to keep a puppy CALM and QUIET?  She’s not allowed any hard toys or bone, no tug of war, no chasing a ball, nothing.  Needless to say, I can’t seem to get anything done when she’s awake because I have her in my lap.  It’s going to be  a LONG weekend…..but she’s worth it, don’t you think?

A warning to anyone reading who is a pet owner…rat poison is very tempting to pets (if mice like it, your pets will too).  PLEASE do everything you can to keep those little poison pellets where your pets can’t find it. Now… go give your sweet pet a BIG hug.

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