Make It Monday - OMBRE SCALLOP CARD - download the FREE tutorial at - look for the June 26, 2017 blog post! MAKE IT MONDAY - FREE tutorial at

Happy Monday everyone!  I am so excited to share today’s tutorial with you because it was so easy and SUCH a fun card to create.  On Thursday I shared a TEACH ME THAT on Ombre stamping and I showed you this card.  Today I want to show you how I created this card.

Make It Monday - OMBRE SCALLOP CARD - download the FREE tutorial at - look for the June 26, 2017 blog post!Aren’t those Ombre scallops beautiful?

Make It Monday - OMBRE SCALLOP CARD - download the FREE tutorial at - look for the June 26, 2017 blog post!

And check out this pretty Ombre stamping!  I changed up the technique a little.  You’ll see what I did in the tutorial.


Now it’s YOUR turn to create!  Want to work off your mobile device?  Just take it to your stamp space and work from here.  Click the picture to make it larger!

Make It Monday - OMBRE SCALLOP CARD - download the FREE tutorial at - look for the June 26, 2017 blog post!


Would you rather save the document to your computer?

Download the free SCALLOP OMBRE CARD tutorial HERE

Can I make a recommendation?  Create a file in your “Documents” on your computer and call it MAKE IT MONDAY so you can always find the downloads whenever you need them.  Or, you can always search the Categories (left side bar) and click on Make It Monday.  You will see all of them in one place.

Here’s what you’ll need to create the SCALLOP OMBRE CARD.  Use what you have, order what you need.  Just click a pic!  


YAY!  It happened!  Ginny got her driver’s license with only 2 deductions, both on parallel parking.  Can you blame her?  Who doesn’t struggle with parallel parking?  I am so excited to say that “Mom Taxi” is no longer in business.  Ginny is a really good driver and a very defensive driver.  My Dad taught me defensive driving and I am so glad he did.  He taught me to always be watching what the other drivers are doing and to be prepared on how to handle it.  His advice has served me well and now I am passing that onto my kids.  Both Christina and Ginny and big advocates of NOT being on your phone while driving (this mom LOVES this).

To celebrate her birthday, Christina treated her to a ComiCon (comic convention).  Here they are dressed in costume (because that is the best part of ComiCon).  

Christina is Kimmy Schmidt from “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” (a hilarious show on Netflix).  Ginny is decked out as a modern-day Merida from “Brave“.  Are they adorable or what?  Love it!  My whole family then went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant.  Gotta love family time!!!  Funny story….. someone called the cops on us.  No, I’m not joking!  There is a bingo hall right next to the restaurant and after dinner we were letting the kids run off some energy and we chatted some more.  Someone inside didn’t like that we were loitering outside and a police officer showed up.  He was super nice and thought the phone call was ridiculous as we were not doing anything wrong. He said he gets calls from them all the time.  Bingo must be pretty serious and having any movement outside the windows is a distraction.  Well, we weren’t arrested so that was good.  lol  Just still find it funny that someone would actually call and bother the police with something like that.

Ginny’s birthday weekend was completed with yet another trip to Tulsa (we have seen more of Tulsa in the past month than we ever saw in 17 years of living here).  We had tickets to see “Matilda: The Musical” and WOW was it amazing!  

No words can describe this show!  Written by Roald Dahl (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) and if you know his writing, his stories are very dark.  The music was incredible and this show had about 9 amazingly talented kids.  I don’t think any adult could sing and do such physical choreography but these kids had some power.  The performance we saw was the final performance of the national tour.  How sad those kids must be to have this show come to an end.

Busy busy busy weekend but tons of fun!  Weekends like this make me happy to see Monday though.  I need this week to be a little calmer…. and no police.

Thanks for joining me for MAKE IT MONDAY!  I love sharing tutorials with you and whether you have the stamp set or not, I hope you will play with this Ombre technique.  It’s a lot of fun to create.  See you tomorrow for another 2-Minute Tuesday Tip video.  I’ll give you a hint…. it’s another tip on bow making.  I know you will want to see it.  Until then my stampin’ peeps!

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