Make It Monday - TRANQUIL TULIPS - download the FREE tutorial at - look for the June 19, 2017 blog post!MAKE IT MONDAY - FREE tutorial at

Last week was an AMAZING WEEK!  I was in Tulsa all week for Broadway Bootcamp with Ginny and we rolled back into town last night.  More about that later but first, how about a MAKE IT MONDAY project?

My friend Tami saved the day for me since I wasn’t able to make a card for today.  She created this card and it was just too beautiful not to share.  I don’t have the Tranquil Tulip Host stamp set yet and I was so pleased that she let me share her card here.

Make It Monday - TRANQUIL TULIPS - download the FREE tutorial at - look for the June 19, 2017 blog post!

You may not have noticed this stamp set.  It’s an exclusive set available only with Stampin’ Rewards.  I HAVE TO HAVE THIS SET!  It’s just gorgeous!!!

Make It Monday - TRANQUIL TULIPS - download the FREE tutorial at - look for the June 19, 2017 blog post!

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Make It Monday - TRANQUIL TULIPS - download the FREE tutorial at - look for the June 19, 2017 blog post!


Now it’s YOUR turn to create!  Want to work off your mobile device?  Just take it to your stamp space and work from here.  Click the picture to make it larger!

Make It Monday - TRANQUIL TULIPS - download the FREE tutorial at - look for the June 19, 2017 blog post!


Would you rather save the document to your computer?

Download the free TRANQUIL TULIP CARD tutorial HERE

Can I make a recommendation?  Create a file in your “Documents” on your computer and call it MAKE IT MONDAY so you can always find the downloads whenever you need them.  Or, you can always search the Categories (left side bar) and click on Make It Monday.  You will see all of them in one place.

Here’s what you’ll need to create the TRANQUIL TULIP CARD.  Use what you have, order what you need.  Just click a pic!  


Warning…. today’s Dear Diary entry is long.  Skip down to the bottom if you’d like.  🙂 

WHAT a wonderful week this was and I thought I would share some highlights with you.

Friday night, Kristin Chenoweth held a concert showcasing what the kids learned AND treated us to some fabulous celebrity talent as well.

The kids began the show with, what else, “Oklahoma”.  We all sprang to our feet as soon as it started.  It’s just an Okie thing.  We are proud of where we live and when that song is sung, EVERYONE sings.  The kids have such powerful voices.  43 kids and it was flawless.

I hope to be able to share actual videos from the show but we may have to wait for them to get put up on Kristin’s Facebook page. I hope to share Ginny knocking it out of the park with her solo in “Seasons of Love”.

In-between performances by the students we were treated to performances by the staff, most of them Tony award-winning or nominated.   

My favorite of the night was John Tartaglia who sang, “If I Only had a Brain” from “Wizard of Oz”.  John is one of my favorite Broadway stars EVER.  After the show, I had the pleasure of meeting him and wouldn’t you know it, he was just about the NICEST guy ever (next to Mr. Awesome, of course).  We talked for about 10 minutes or so about the arts in public school and he shared how much this week meant to him.  We took this selfie.  Okay, can we just stop for a second and talk about this ridiculous goofy smile on my face?  I am DYING here, absolutely star-struck!  Just typing this and looking at his sweet face makes me giddy!  Oh, but I digress…. we are talking about the kids, right?

Throughout the night, there were 20 Kristi Awards handed out, for all sorts of different categories – some serious, some just fun.  Each winner got to give a short speech (just like winning a Tony Award).  

The third award of the night went to Ginny!  We are SO proud of her!!  She was the only student to win in 2 categories – first, Sassiest Dresser.  This is so accurate because she was known around camp as the “girl with the pink glasses” and her 1950’s style. Here she is with Richard Jay-Alexander, who chose her for this award and presented it to her.  Oh, what an influence he had on these kids this past week!  He was Kristin’s right hand man.  Ginny ADORES him!

Her other award was the “Humanitarian Award”.  Proud Mom Alert!  On the first day of camp the kids were to introduce themselves and share something unique about themselves.  Ginny shared how she is starting a new program at her school in the fall working with special needs kids on stage.  Ginny has a HUGE heart for her special friends and wants these kids to have that same feeling of family and accomplishment that the theatre gives her.  

The basic concept is for the Show Choir students to perform a condensed production of a musical but their special friends will be shadowing them. When they begin to feel comfortable in the role, the show choir kids will move away and their friends will take over but they are there to back them up and help them if they struggle.   Their first musical will be “Elf the Musical Junior” in December.

Kristin spoke about Ginny during the educator’s luncheon and Ginny’s choir teacher, Mrs. Herbal, was so proud to say “That’s my student!”  I’m proud to say, “That’s my kid!”  

I want to close with this.  Theatre is about family.  6 days together and these kids became one big family.  They all sobbed as they said good-bye on Friday night. It’s their love of the stage, of singing, dancing, and acting that brought them together. These kids don’t need drugs and alcohol…. they have the stage to give them a ‘high’.  And to think…. they are trying to pull the Arts out of our public schools. What a mistake that will be and I hope that something will change soon.  The arts, ALL ARTS, have a place in our schools. It molds their lives and taking it away will mean that they will look for fulfillment in other places.  I don’t even want to think about the dark places they will look.  Off my soapbox now.  I LOVE being a Theatre Mom!

Thanks for being here today!  Sorry today’s post was so long. My blog is 95% stamping and the other 5% is my diary.  Blogging allows me to journal my memories and I just want to say THANK YOU for allowing me to do that here.

Well, I am HOME and ready to get some stamping done!!!  See you all back here tomorrow for a 2-Minute Tuesday Tip video!

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