Our pastor’s wife had on this beautiful vintage blouse the other day and it had these little melted flowers on them. I mentioned to her that I had learned how to make these but hadn’t tried it. She got really excited and wants to learn how so that meant I needed to figure it out first. Okay, so it’s a little temperamental but I think I have the hang of it now. I bought some hot pink synthetic fabric and cut out 32 circle from the Circles #2 die (8 of each circle). Just layer them together (not necessarily straight) and use the heat gun to gently “shrivel” the fabric and it will begin to melt and look like this. I added our crochet trim, seam binding ribbon, and trinket key. It was so easy! Sadly, my pastor’s wife lost her Grandmother this past week so I am going to add this flower to a sympathy card for her.

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