I am so excited to have you here – my unveiling of my new blog!  I cannot express into words how amazing Cristene Bagne is!  She was able to make my blog exactly what I wanted.  I hope you all enjoy this new retro style!

Are you missing Flash Card videos?  Well, tune in tomorrow!  I have a new video for Flash Cards 2.0 that is my new favorite!  I will be using this layout A LOT in the future so you want to come back and check it out.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO FOLLOW MY BLOG:  When I made the jump to WordPress, sadly, I couldn’t take you all with me.  Would you be so kind to “Follow” me again so you can continue to receive email updates?  I would hate for you to miss out on any Flash Cards or new ideas.  🙂

Thanks again for making my blog a Top 10 in Papercrafting blogs!!!  HUGS!


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