I was blog surfing the other day and I saw this idea to make a “milk crate”. You know me, I see it, I sit down and make it. I didn’t realize that the girl who created it was selling the instructions so my sincere apologies for not buying them but I just kinda sat down and made with with my Box Maker. Super easy and fast! I think I used 3 1/2 sheets of cardstock to make it, something like that. I did make mine a little different that the blogger because I didn’t notice that she had made the actual “milk carton” style of box. Well, I am a simple stamper, and so I made mine in the 2-4-6-8 box style. I want to make it again and change a few things – like I wish I hadn’t stapled the top of the boxes – a ribbon knot would have been so much nicer. It is really a darling project and so fast and easy!

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