I hate going through a buffet at a party or barbecue and tyring to juggle silverware and napkins so I created this BIG TIME simple silverware holder. You can make 3 of them out of 1 sheet of cardstock and it goes so fast! Just randomly stamp all over a sheet of cardstock. Score at 5 1/2″ (half). Cut down to 11″ x 2 7/8″. Fold. the bely band is a 1″ x 7″ crimped piece of cardstock and the scallop covers the seam. Add a napkin and plastic silverware!

I didn’t do it on this one, but another thing I have done in the past is to punch 2 small holes near the top and inserted a toothpick and on the end of the toothpick is a starlight mint. 🙂 In Oklahoma, we always need a toothpick with our dinner.

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