I have spent the last week TRYING to find JUST THE RIGHT type of sachet for my April Stamp Clubs. I made them out of fabric, I made them out of felt, I even tried the candy wrapper die but nothing achieved the look I wanted.

As I was looking through my swaps from Leadership, I found a cute swap made by the incredible Amy Celona and her project inspired this Scallop Envelope die sachet. Inside are 2 cotton balls with a dab of scented oil (found in the candle making section of your local craft store). These cotton balls are tucked inside a piece of felt 3″ x 4″ to keep the oil from seeping through the paper.

This little sachet is JUST the right size for a undies drawer and it smells SO good! I chose “Sweet Pea” for my scent and now my stamp room smells just incredible!

What a great little gift idea! I hope you try it! As always, this project falls into the SIMPLY SIMPLE STAMPING category!

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