A wonderful gal named Mariann on SCS taught me this GREAT technique to make your own beads from DSSP (Double Sided Designer Paper). OMG! I am now totally addicted to making jewelry! The beads are made from (are you sitting down?) AQUARIUM TUBING! Who would have thunk it? LOL

When I first started, I used only plastic beads but now I am moving on to glass beads. When I really feel confident, I may start to use crystals.

Are you one of those people who start a new project and overbuy on the supplies? Me too! I now have a TON of beads! So, to justify it all, I have taught my daughter how to make these beads. She’s having a blast! She wants to start making bracelets for her friends for birthday gifts. Hey, I’m ALL for that!

My April Stamp Clubs will be making these beads to create bracelets for my “Hope Looks Good in PINK” class. We are making these bracelets for breast cancer support. You know how everyone has been wearing those rubber band bracelets for cancer support? Well, don’t you think these are more attractive? Me too! I founds these great pink ribbon charms at Hobby Lobby 50% off (so only $1 a piece) and each bracelet cost only $1.35 to make so I thought these would be a great fundraiser idea too. 🙂 They take about 10 minutes to make (at the most) and with the stretchy cord, there are no clasps you have to mess with!

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