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Josee and I have been gone for the past week enjoying some much needed relaxation courtesy of Stampin’ Up!  This retreat, called Founder’s Circle, is by special invitation only to the the demonstrators who ranked in the Top 100 in the USA and the Top 20 in Canada.  We were both SOOOO honored to be in this category and hey, we have YOU to thank!  YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Josee has been sharing some pictures of her time in St. George, Utah.  I will be sharing some as well…. but FIRST, I just HAVE to share my AH HA moment with you.  Do you ever have those AH HA moments?  This one has already changed the way I look at color and it’s so stinkin’ simple!

I really struggle with color.  I tend to put myself in a box and choose 2 colors that look nice together and stop there.  I hate that but I just can’t get my mind to FIND that perfect 3rd or 4th color.

I was working on my video for STAMPIN’ GALS GONE WILD WEDNESDAY and this idea came to me (and it was much better than the idea that I had for the video for today).  I created a very SIMPLE swatch book with quarter sheets of all the Stampin’ Up cardstock colors.  Why quarter sheets?  So I can lay my stamped image on the different colors and FORCE myself to choose a color DIFFERENT than what I stamped.  It’s AMAZING how many colors I found that really looked nice with my stamped image that I would have NEVER put with it.  See?  Simple idea but it solves a huge problem for me….and I hope for YOU too!

Time saver tip - create a Card Base Color Book to help you find the perfect color for your card base.  TOO simple for words!

Now, if this little book would just solve my coffee problem, life would be grand.  This morning, my coffee machine bit the dust.  Those of you who know me KNOW this is a MAJOR problem!  Connie and Coffee are like Peanut Butter & Jelly, Biscuits & Gravy, Chocolate and well, everything goes with chocolate so that’s not a good example…. but you get where I’m coming from!  I was DESPERATE so I had to resort to some of those Starbucks coffee single packets.  NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!  This is NOT real coffee people! It’s coffee flavored water and it’s not the same!  I will be out of my office for a couple hours as I run to Target for a new machine.  If  I don’t get coffee and get it quick, someone could get seriously hurt.  Just sayin’.

Well, while I’m out buying a coffee machine, enjoy today’s STAMPIN’ GALS GONE WILD WEDNESDAY video!

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Josee & I LOVE being your USA and Canadian Stampin’ Up demonstrators!  We LOVE sharing new ideas with you every day and thanks to your loyalty in ordering from us, we are able to keep the videos coming!  THANK YOU!

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Hope you guys have a WONDERFUL day and listen, if you’re enjoying a cup of coffee while you read this, kiss your coffee machine and tell him how much you love him.  If he doesn’t get the unconditional love he needs, you could be in the same boat I am.  I love you all too much to let that happen to you.

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