Well, today’s post is a little different but I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read it.

Do you remember hearing about the teacher’s strike in Oklahoma in April last year? The girls and I joined the fight for the students and the teachers of Oklahoma.

Teachers were stepping out of the classroom and onto the steps of the state capital demanding better teaching conditions for their kids. I listened to teachers tell us they were teaching from history books that talked of Reagan being our current president, some had been told “no photocopies… ever” (the printer ink was too expensive). Some districts had to go to a 4-day school week to save on heating and air expenses. Even Ginny told me about one of her classes didn’t have enough desks & chairs for everyone so some kids sat on the floor. Can you imagine sitting on the floor in a MATH class? 

Did things getter better after the strike? Um, a little, but we still have a long way to go. 

Why I am sharing this again? Well, my daughter Christina is only 10 days away from beginning her career as a high school theatre teacher. She is excited and terrified at the same time. 

I knew that her school was in a lower-income area and the school system, like so many in Oklahoma, have had their budgets reduced more and more. In fact, Christina has been selling her plasma a couple times a week to earn the money for her classroom supplies. Yep, this is a thing for teachers now – selling plasma to buy what they need for their classrooms (and these supplies are no longer tax deductible). 

This week, the Stewart clan has been preparing her classroom for her incoming students. Little did we know what we were in store for. When we first walked into the classroom, the first thing we saw were broken metal folding chairs. No desks, but folding tables. Now, the tables didn’t bother me that much but metal chairs, many bent out of shape and others without backs on them. Can you imagine these kids sitting in those every day? My heart sank. I just couldn’t see how students can learn in such an uncomfortable environment. I wanted to do something to get these kids decent chairs. Late last night I had an idea…Stand Up and Take a Seat

I am hosting a special Flash Card fundraiser to help raise the money needed to get these kids GOOD chairs. I know you guys LOVE Flash Cards and I also know you have big hearts so this fundraiser is perfect for you.

I have donated as many BRIGHTS Flash Cards to Go kits or Complete Collections to raise the money needed for 30 chairs. ALL proceeds (minus shipping) will go towards purchasing new chairs for these kids. 

If you love Flash Cards, live in the USA, and want to help, use the special ordering buttons below. (When the $660 is raised, this button will be turned off). UPDATE: THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I am overwhelmed with JOY right now! I am sitting here in tears. You ordered all the Flash Card kits needed to order Christina’s chairs!  I had to turn off the ordering button and all in about an hour’s time. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! I truly have the BEST STAMPING FRIENDS IN THE WORLD!!!

Every day this week, Christina and I have cleaned, organized, cleaned, painted, and yes, more cleaning. I don’t think this room had been cleaned since 1972! You might think I’m joking but, my friends, the amount of sticky grime was unreal! Every surface of her room was covered in thick greasy grime. YUCK! This was going to be Christina’s new home and I wanted it to be clean (and germ-free), ready for the students on August 20th. It is a labor of love…. and we’re not done yet. It’s sure to be a busy weekend too.

So, today’s post wasn’t a card or video but I want you to know that I appreciate you reading it. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!