Well, we have spent the last week trapped in our house due to a huge snow and ice storm. What is a Mom to do? Redecorate her 13-year old’s bedroom! 😉 Christina is a HUGE Broadway fan and wanted a Broadway themed room. The Big Shot to the rescue! I purchased StampinUp’s vinyl Decor Element sheets and cut all the letters with my Serif Essentials die set (spendy yes, but it just paid for itself in a MAJOR way!). The name “Christina” was purchased from “that other vinyl company” long before SU came out with Decor Elements.

We had so much fun planning what shows we would put on the wall!

She loves anything that has to do with Wizard of Oz or Wicked! Can you see her little Boyd’s Bear Wizard of Oz collection?

The clocks on the wall are another favorite part of her room. The times are set for Broadway time, London’s West End Theatre District, and Oklahoma City time. 🙂 I used the Timeless Type alphabet die for these.

Christina’s prize possessions are her Broadway posters. Can you guess her favorite? Her walls are the same color as Elphaba’s skin!

Here are my tips if you want to give this a try. Now, c’mon…. it’s really pretty easy! It took me about 7 hours to do this room (and I even did 6 loads of laundry while I worked on it!)

  • If you are cutting a lot of words, write them down. Make a list with A-B-C-D, etc. Put a tic mark next to every letter so you know how many letters to cut. This will make things go so much faster because there are 4 letters on each die and will speed things up to cut all the letters at once.
  • You can cut 2 pieces of vinyl at a time.
  • You MUST use the transfer paper that comes with your vinyl sheets (vinyl purchased from the craft stores DO NOT include the transfer paper and this is all but impossible to do without it).
  • Draw a straight line on the front of the sticky side sheet.
  • Peel back a little of the paper backing to expose the sticky side. Place the the first letter of your word on the straight line, vinyl side DOWN. leaving its paper backing in place.
  • Continue placing letters, keeping the spacing the same.
  • Place the sticky side to your wall and use a bubble level along the straight line and level it out, moving it until you have it perfectly level..
  • Place a piece of painters tape (blue tape) along the top.
  • Peel off the backing from the letters (this is very easy to do and you don’t have to burnish it).
  • Press onto the wall but DON’T take off the sticky paper yet!
  • Move on to your next word and use the straight line from the previous word to help you line up the next one. Use the bubble level again along BOTH words to insure that are perfectly straight.
  • Place blue tape along the 2nd word and remove the paper backing from the letters.
  • You can now burnish the letters and remove the sticky paper from the FIRST word (leave the 2nd word so you can use the straight line to level your 3rd word).

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